Hemisphere Media Group, Inc. (HMTV) announced that John A. Garcia will join the company as Executive Vice President of Sales & Revenue.  Mr. Garcia will be responsible for growing and overseeing sales across all production pipelines and will play a key role in the company’s expansion to new client segments.

When it comes to business development, one of the most crippling obstacles to growth is a short-term mindset. Executives are constantly scrambling to win easy pursuits and manage crises, rather than devoting their energies to building a stable, cohesive business development model for achieving long-term, sustainable growth.

Hispanics are the secret to the growth— and the future success of America. But for too long, this group has been viewed as a single segment. Latinos are a community of limitless diversity yet firmly connected by our culture, our language and our shared experiences.  By Stacie de Armas is Nielsen’s Senior Vice President of Diverse Insights and Initiatives

Starting at 7 PM (ET), the audiences will be able to enjoy a new block of programming beginning with: Mirador Mundial, Oppenheimer Presenta, En diálogo con Longobardi, Docufilms con María Celeste Arrarás and  Don Francisco: Reflexiones.

Marissa Solis the veteran marketing expert that helped Pepsico market many of their products as Sr. Vice President - Core Brands, Partnerships, and Media at Frito Lay.  Previously Ms. Solis also was the Vice President/General Manager - Hispanic Business Unit, Pepsico North America Beverages.

Agency leaders’ personalities can influence their agency’s cultures and reputations. Beyond that, agencies have their own “personalities,” so to speak, as represented through their brand, culture and positioning.  By Mark Duval - The Duval Partnership

Has your firm turned the corner on agency compensation? Many agency executives insist they have, pointing to the fact they have negotiated better hourly rates, better retainers, or better terms on cost-plus remuneration agreements. The problem, of course, is that they are simply getting better and better at doing the wron

US consumer expectations as measured by The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index ticked up in October, but this followed three months of declines. Did the declines signal recession in 2022 or just a hiccup related to the Delta variant? We propose the latter.

Data: It's the lifeblood of modern marketing. And yet so much of the data marketers rely on is incomplete, biased, and just downright flawed.

This report provides extensive details on how brands can get involved in gaming.

Ralph Guild, who created what is largely considered the standard operating structure for television and radio ad representation companies, has died.  By Adam Jacobson - Radio TV Business Report

Sandwiched between silver sneakered Boomers and digitally savvy Millennials, Gen X gets lost on the consumer continuum, only to be upended again by youth, as Gen Z becomes the next media darling. Described as the “ignored generation,” Gen Xers, born between 1960 and 1982, are often accused of contributing less to culture and society.

Marketing budgets have always been subject to scrutiny, but the arrival of the pandemic and its presence almost two years later continues to spotlight the need for efficient and effective spending. That, in turn, has intensified the importance of accurate and holistic measurement, especially as brands increase their usage of new platforms and channels for their marketing efforts.

Changes in where people go for content is likely to outlast the pandemic

The ANA announced that it will conduct a pilot test with software and data company VideoAmp as the next step in the trade association’s continuing effort to develop a privacy-preserving cross-media measurement solution for the industry.