Perspectives vary on best routes to audience

As the Hispanic TV audience keeps exploding, marketers face challenges in terms of effectively targeting their messages.

SPORTSMANIAS got in the business of creating a special niche demographic site and app that has captivated avid sports fans, including specific content for the Hispanic market.

Exec Explains Guiding Principles Behind Pantelion, Televisa USA Content

As CEO of Pantelion Films and managing director of Televisa USA, Paul Presburger’s perspectives of creative projects aimed at the Hispanic community are informed by two visions.

But Nets Should Plan Ahead

Major sporting, music or entertainment events can drive viewership and sponsorship revenue to Hispanic networks, but executives at a panel discussion at Wednesday’s Multichannel News/B&C Hispanic TV Summit said networks should plan well in advance to capitalize on tentpole events.

American demand for cause is stronger than ever, especially among multicultural consumers. According to the 2013 Cone Communications Social Impact Study , Hispanics represent one of the most actively-engaged population segments to-date and exhibit stronger inclinations to purchase cause-related products as well as participate in corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts:

Advertisers need to encompass Hispanic marketplace within their total approach, rather than break it off

As the U.S. Hispanic population continues to grow and their cultures meld with Americans, marketing to that population goes beyond what language they speak.

But Programmers Should Tap Viewer Needs Before Creating Shows

Online and mobile access to programming is even more important for Hispanic television networks, a panel of top media executives said at the Multichannel News/B&C Hispanic TV Summit here Wednesday.

Splintering Video Consumption Presents Challenges that Yield Opportunities

During an advertising keynote conversation, Lia Silkworth and Marla Skiko were asked “What’s Next?” relative to traditional TV and digital media in the Hispanic advertising community.

Views differ on breaking news in the digital world

A lively debate on speed versus accuracy in journalism broke out at the News Roundtable: The Importance of News Content to Hispanic Viewers session. Keith Clinkscales, CEO of Revolt Media & TV, said the digital world gives reporters the chance to break news with great urgency — and also to quickly correct stories that didn't quite get all the facts. "If you do it too often," he warned, "you begin to erode your credibility with the audience."

Says Success Requires Reach and Compelling Content, In Spanish and English

NBCUniversal’s Hispanic-programming chief said he likes the size and relevance of NBCU product offerings to the growing and increasingly diverse U.S. Hispanic audience, both in Spanish and English.

Tr3s's 2012 study, Hispanic Adult Millennials Living the Next Normal: Age of Uncertainty, revealed that for Hispanic Adult Millennials, life is an exercise in risk assessment. They're cautious with good reason: just as they were entering adulthood, the 2008 economic crisis put a damper on their bright future plans. Jobs became harder to come by - especially dream jobs - and leaving Mom and Dad's house to live independently turned out to be not that easy. While they still hope to move out of their parents' houses and get married, those timelines have been pushed back. For now, many are looking inward - sticking close to people they are certain they trust, fulfilling life goals before starting families of their own, and keeping up traditions like speaking Spanish at home.

Hispanics are influenced in many ways by the people they identify with, and these influences directly affect not only the general behavior of the individual but more specifically, his or her consumer behavior. As explained by Faber, O'Guinn & McCarty (1987), all of our behavior is subject to the pressures of cultural norms and expectations. These pressures also include influences exerted by the individual's reference groups, that is, the persons, groups and institutions that the individual use as point of reference and to look up to for guidance in establishing his/her behaviors (Avery, et. al., 2010).

The days of cable companies maintaining a stranglehold on content pipelines are a distant memory. Today, TV viewers have a wealth of options available to them, with some of the most appealing TV content coming though digital channels. But research shows that those who watch TV content place a premium on the ability to watch original programming.

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