TidalWave Comics announced the addition of the iconic singer Selena comic book to its popular “Female Force” series focused on women who make an impact around the world.  “Female Force: Selena” will be released this week.    

The rapid rise in job openings to historic highs coupled with increasingly more workers quitting is leading to severe labor shortages, especially in leisure & hospitality, food service, and construction.

What’s next and what’s now for new business?  By Mark Duval - The Duval Partnership

Decisions in business are supposed to be rational and follow science. Easier said than done! That would require that scientific studies address high-impact issues that are relevant to business.

As Hispanic millennials continue to weather significant financial impacts from the pandemic, nearly three-quarters (72%) are also providing financial support to family – far more than non-Hispanic millennials (53%) – according to new research from Bank of America’s Better Money Habits.

This glossary aggregates many of the terms and acronyms used to provide clarity amid a quickly evolving and important space in the broader media industry.

The middle of summer isn’t typically a time when we’re focused on the upcoming school year, especially when this year feels a little more normal than it did last year. That said, it’s time for brands to focus on back-to-school—even though July just ended.

As companies emerge from the pandemic, marketing and MarTech lie at the heart of the recovery. To optimize MarTech investments, marketing needs to have a very effective working relationship with IT that spans strategy, selection and management. Yet fewer than one out of four marketing organizations has such a relationship.

An accreditation hiatus status is a formal designation that an accredited service can request.  It is designed to exist for a temporary period of time to allow for the service to take certain actions or implement certain service improvements, but to do so outside of the normal MRC audit and accreditation process.

Market challenges and legacy decisions are forcing consumer-packaged-goods companies to rethink their strategies for revenue growth management.

Lopez Negrete Communications announced that Victor Paredes Jr is their new Executive Director of Account Planning.  Paredes will be responsible for leading a team that applies cultural intelligence to inspire work that matters and work that engages today’s Latino consumer.

Marketers aim to boost cross-channel consistency as people return to in-store shopping

It is a unique time in our US Hispanic Advertising, Marketing, Media, Public Relations & Research Industry. Current social conditions, the new found interest by major corporations to entertain important DE&I conversations and the “lack” of US Hispanic focused Executive Voices are molding the current conversations in Business. Non-Hispanic focused Executives and Marketers are dominating the current discussions about DE&I in Corporate America.  How will this impact the US Hispanic Advertising, Marketing, Media, Public Relations & Research Industry?

Each country has different preferences for goods, and vehicles are no different.

Organizers of the virtual Roberto Clemente VIP Experience, slated for Thursday, August 26th at 7 pm ET, announced that AARP will be the presenting sponsor for the Roberto Clemente VIP Experience.