ALSAC/St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Theorist, Inc, took top honors at the inaugural ANA In-House Excellence Awards ceremony, in which nine other in-house shops were awarded grand prizes in separate categories.

Over the past few years—and especially in 2020—marketers have had to be increasingly flexible and agile to meet ever-changing consumer demands. In this year’s Nielsen 2021 Annual Marketing Report, we found that marketers across several industries, including technology, travel and tourism, retail and financial services, had to adjust the mix of their marketing spend by as much as 59% in 2020 to adapt to the pandemic. As consumer preferences changed, it created a domino effect that affected business priorities and budgets. To keep pace, marketers had to be creative to activate campaigns with less.

The chief marketing officer (CMO) takes the elevator from the ground floor. It’s usually empty—but not today. This morning, he bumps into the new chair of the supervisory board. She must have gotten on the elevator in the underground parking lot. The trip up to the executive floor takes only about a minute. The CMO braces himself and asks, “What’s the priority for next year—brand strength or margin?” The supervisory board chair responds, “Can’t we have both?”

This year has been marked by unprecedented change in society, the economy, and the health of all Americans. In times like these marketing planning based on a high level of certainty has advantages. Here are 6 U.S. Hispanic market insights that are certain to maximize your 2022 marketing plans.  By Roberto Orci, EVP Strategic Growth at Captura Group

Imagine you're a CMO from a giant U.S. Corporation, and on August 12th, you received a message from your boss. She just got two questions from one of the company's board director: Have you seen the latest Census data? And most importantly, are we ready to compete in this new diverse marketplace?  By Isaac Mizrahi - Co-President & COO of ALMA

The Capability Gap found that the role of media leadership is expanding. New responsibilities are being included within the remit, with a growing focus on brand safety but also the ethical dimension of media investment. More than simply being tasked with placing investments that deliver a positive ROI for the brand, media leaders now also need to consider whether these are the right choices for the environment, consumers and society at large.

You have all read the reports and opinions. You might even think it yourself. Since the start of the pandemic, I have heard and read what has almost became a mantra – ‘this is marketing’s time!’

In marketing, Double Jeopardy refers to the relationship between brand size and repeat purchase, whereby penetration and repeat purchase rates are correlated. The bigger the brand is, the more repeat purchasers it will have, which puts small brands at a double disadvantage. But just knowing this fact does not tell you why the pattern exists or why it is so prevalent.  By Nigel Hollis

After the severe decline in media investment in 2020, the ad industry has been encouraged by a rapid recovery in 2021, with advertising being used as one of the levers to fuel recovery. As consumer behaviour continues to evolve, and we emerge into a new media landscape, brands need to understand which consumer and marketer attitudes have changed, and which have stayed the same. Which media brands have retained their appeal, and which have grown stronger?

Is data overload actively inhibiting insight and making it harder for comms professionals to find the story in the noise? Our recent study, ‘Five crucial steps to a smarter communications strategy,’ seeks to answer this and other questions… and unveils the vital strategies that empower brands to manage their reputations successfully.

CMOs and Marketing Leaders must reprioritize channels, programs and resources to remain competitive and efficient.

2020 was always expected to be an inflection point.

Helping to prevent a breach — and protecting proprietary data — is mission-critical for brand managers

Tras la posposición de la premiación correspondiente al año 2020, la Asociación Publicitaria de Puerto Rico otorgó los galardones a la creatividad en una ceremonia conjunta que cubrió dos años de trabajo creativo, que corresponden a sus ediciones 38 y 39. Durante el evento, la industria publicitaria reconoció los mejores trabajos, entre los que destacaron piezas que hicieron latente la importancia que tienen la creatividad y efectividad a la hora de proveer a los clientes y marcas soluciones para enfrentar los retos de un mercado cambiante y lleno de transformaciones.

CMO tenure is the lowest it has been in over 10 years, and while new data suggests that 86% of CEOs believe CMOs have the power to influence key decisions of the C-suite, less than a third actually trust their CMOs to grow the business.