This paper describes the six most important principles of human persuasion available to marketers and organizes them into a simple model designed to help brand builders maintain the persuasiveness of their brands in today's ever-evolving and tumultuous media and consumer environment.

The San Jose Group, Hy Cite Corporation’s Hispanic agency of record, has negotiated a 52-week integration of the company’s Royal Prestige line of luxury cookware into Telemundo’s morning show, “Cada Día.” The Royal Prestige integration is unique because of the organic way in which the products are incorporated into the programming.

Spending on alternative media jumped 22.0% to $73.43 billion in 2007 and is expected to continue its rapid ascension in 2008 despite a slowing economy, as brand marketers scramble to stay in step with a rapidly changing media landscape, according to research released by PQ Media.

I was in a conference room in downtown Manhattan. The CMO of a large package goods company was addressing his media agency, asking questions about branding on digital platforms.

His queries were pointed. His patience, short.

It’s no secret that all Hispanics are not alike. Hailing from 24 Latin American countries, Hispanics are making a diverse and indelible mark on the U.S. landscape. From music to food, they have infused customs and traditions into the American mainstream. But mainstream marketing to this diverse group is a recipe for failure. New fusion analyses now go beyond traditional age/sex demographics to provide a more accurate method of target marketing. Advertisers cannot reach their goals without winning the Hispanic consumer. By: Ceril Shagrin, Executive Vice President Corporate Research Division, Univision Communications Inc. and Howard Shimmel, SVP, Client Insights, Nielsen Connections.

Creating media while consuming it.

US consumers are media omnivores, right down to the youngest members of the herd.

The future growth of private label across the U.S. will depend on innovation and creativity, predicted Brian Sharoff, President, Private Label Manufacturers Association.

Since the now in/famous "frienemy" title given to Google by the keepers of Madison Avenue, the question has loomed; Is Google friend or foe to the advertising agency community?

Web 2.0 advertising tactics and technologies are gaining traction among auto dealers, becoming an integral element of the marketing mix.

The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council released the findings of its new global survey, “The Power of Personalization,” which shows that inadequate customer data is the key obstacle facing top marketing executives in their adoption of personalized communication techniques.

If you've followed me for any length of time you've probably found that I'm often dubbed a branding gal. It's one of my biggest passions.

If user penetration and usage were all that mattered in marketing, television would get all the attention and budget.

But it doesn't. Depending on who is being targeted, when, and at which stage of the consumer buying process, a range of media could be considered most effective. The popularity and influence of different media can also change over time. A few recent studies illustrate this point.

Seth Godin recently expressed on his blog dissatisfaction with marketing-centric terms , where a person is defined by the marketer, not the other way around. This includes the words "prospect" and "target".

We all know the difference between interactions where someone smiles versus when someone does not. When people smile, the experience more often than not is pleasant, if not enjoyable. In circumstances where people don't smile, the experience is often negative or forgettable.

In an effort to appeal to today's growing number of Latina moms in the U.S., Johnson’s, known for its expertise in baby skincare and commitment to the healthy development and well-being of babies, children and their parents, is launching a marketing campaign focused around the theme and power of a mother's touch.