Education through Athletics: Star Athletes Empower Young Latinos. [INSIGHT]

By Tr3s Insight

November marks National Diabetes Month, which helps create awareness around the affects of diabetes, which is often caused by obesity. For the Latino community, the obesity epidemic has reached crisis, with many states and communities reporting Latino obesity at staggering proportions and with Latino children becoming obese earlier in their lives.

This month, a new Tr3s special, “EMPUJE” puts the issue of health at the forefront with a three part docu-series aimed at raising awareness of the most common, yet serious, health issues for today’s young Latinos. The series follows the mentoring exercise of three young Latinos: Mark aka “Tank,” Genny, and Juan, as they struggle to improve their health and wellness regimen. Their mentors are celebrated Latino athletes Gerard Piqué of FC Barcelona, black belt martial artist and celebrity trainer Ary Nuñez, and Olympic gold medalist Henry Cejudo.

America’s surge in obesity is nothing short of a public health crisis that threatens our children, our families, and our future. Moreover, Hispanics 18 years and older are 1.2 times more likely to be overweight in comparison to non-Hispanic whites. Latino adults are disproportionately obese and overweight compared to the general population. In fact, heart disease is the leading cause of death for Latinos. Sadly, many Latinos are unaware that being overweight puts them at a higher risk of heart disease. Overall life expectancy for Latinos is declining as a result of obesity and obesity-related health risks.

Simple measures, coupled with a commitment to change, can help reverse these facts. By increasing weekly physical activity and choosing healthier meal options, young Latinos can help reduce this imbalance and increase their life span. In each episode of “EMPUJE” renowned athletes share their secrets with young Latinos on the lasting and beneficial steps to making themselves healthier, happier and stronger. The half-hour special captures the grueling yet inspirational transformation of these young adults alongside their celebrity trainer and motivator. As their wellness guidance counselors, Piqué, Ary and Henry will push their students to successfully reach their fitness goals.

The PROS will teach the mentored how to eliminate excess fat and sugar from their daily diet and offer ways to add more colorful fruits and vegetables, and lean proteins to their diet. Most importantly, the athletes will reinforce the science and immediate health benefits of regular physical exercise.

“EMPUJE” offers the inspiring stories of Mark aka “Tank”, a high-school wrestler and football player, who struggles to become a better athlete by overhauling his poor eating habits; Genny, a go-getter who’s busy schedule doesn’t include exercise or eating right; and Juan, a father-to-be who recently emigrated from Mexico to Spain in search of a better life, on Tr3s.


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