US Census 2000 Released In Phases.

The U.S. Census Bureau release dates are listed below. These dates are PLANNED release dates and are not guaranteed by the U.S. Census Bureau. Following the release of the data by the U.S. Census Bureau we will work diligently to post the data as quickly as development will allow.

March 2001: Census 2000 Redistricting (Public Law 94-171) Summary File Description: Information for local redistricting. Includes tabulations by 62 race categories, cross-tabulated by “not Hispanic or Latino” for the total population and the population 18 years old and over. Detailed tabulations will present data down to the block level.

June 2001-June 2002: Summary File 1 (SF1) Description: Counts and basic cross-tabulations of information collected from all people and housing unites. This information includes age, sex, race, Hispanic or Latino origin, household relationship, and whether the residence is owned or rented. Data will be available down to the block level for many tabulations, but only to the census-tract level for others. Summaries will also be included for other geographic areas such as ZCTAs and Congressional Districts.

October 2001-July 2002: Summary File 2 (SF2) Description: Will contain 100-percent population and housing characteristics, but the tables in this file will be iterated for a selected list of detailed race and Hispanic- or Latino-origin groups, as well as American Indian and Alaska native tribes. For this file, the lowest level of geography will be the census tract, and there will be a population-size threshold before information is shown for a particular group. Various Quick Tables and Geographic Comparison Tables will be derived from Summary File 2.

August-December 2002: Summary File 3 (SF3) Description: The first release of the information collected on a sample basis. Data will be provided down to the block group for many tabulations but only down to the census tract for others. SF3 will also include data by ZIP Code Tabulation Area and Congressional District.

December 2002-March 2003: Summary File 4 (SF4) Description: Includes tabulations of the population and housing data collected from a sample of the population. Just as in Summary File 2, the tables on SF4 will be iterated for a selected list of race and Hispanic- or Latino-origin groups, for American Indian and Alaska Native tribes, as well as for ancestry groups. Microdata files are the actual responses to census questionnaires, but with names or addresses removed and the geography sufficiently broad to protect confidentiality.

Two PUMS files are planned for release:

April-July 2002: Public Use Microdata Sample (PUMS) Files – 1-percent sample file
August-December 2002: Public Use Microdata Sample (PUMS) Files – 5-percent sample file There will be three series of reports with one report per state and a national summary volume. Please note that this site will make state data available when all U.S. states have been released, instead of incrementally as each state is released.

2002: Summary Population and Housing Characteristics (PHC-1) Description: This series, containing information collected on a 100-percent basis, will present information for states, counties, places, and other areas. Comparable to the 1990 CPH-1 reports, Summary Population and Housing Characteristics.

2003: Summary Social Economic, and Housing Characteristics (PHC-2) Description: This publication will include information on the sample population and housing subjects for the same geographic areas and information and will be comparable to the 1990 CPH-5 census report series, Summary Social, Economic, and Housing Characteristics (1990 CHP-5).

2003: Population and Housing Unit Totals (PHC-3) Description: This publication includes population and housing unit totals for Census 2000 as well as the 1990 and 1980 censuses. Information on area measurements and population density will be included. This will include each state plus national data.

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