September 10, 2013

In RSW/US' most recent Agency New Business Thought Leader Survey Report, 51% of agencies surveyed, rated their new business effort either "Effective" or "Highly Effective". Numbers jumped to over 90% when "Somewhat Effective" was added to the answer pool.


According to Mark Sneider, Owner/President of RSW/US, "Inbound marketing needs to be part of every agency new business program.  Plain and simple. Problem is, some agencies only rely on inbound marketing to drive their new business efforts. This can be fine for better known shops, but for mid-to-smaller sized agencies, you can't only rely on the leads that surface via inbound."


72% of agencies surveyed stated they set up exploratory conversations and 70% stated they "prospect in order to connect with potential clients". Only 34% "generate in-bound leads".

Sneider goes on to say: "At RSW/US, inbound strategies are part of every lead generation program we run for our ad agency clients. We can't just  (as we say) 'pound our chest' and shout out how great our agency clients are. We have to position each agency differently and make sure we're working with them to set them up as thought leaders in their space."

Sneider adds: "Marketers have to see the value in meeting with an agency. They have to believe that they can bring something different to the table. Thing is...this can't be a passive exercise for an agency.  They can't just sit and wait for the marketer to call or find their way inbound. Marketers get inundated with things from agencies all the time. Agencies need to be more aggressive."

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