Agency Creativity Is Essential for Best Client Outcomes

Consultant Michael Farmer caused a bit of a stir recently in an industry Q&A. Farmer recently documented the transformation of Huge by CEO Mat Baxter in a book entitled Madison Avenue Makeover. On the heels of this, in a Q&A published by Contagious, he echoes themes from his book that takes the agency world to task for worrying more about awards than delivering performance and creating thoughtful business models.

Rockstar Energy Drink Partners with Rising Mexican Artist Joaquín Nava to Launch “Proud Hasta Los Huesos”

As millions of people prepare to celebrate Día de los Muertos, creating ofrendas (altars) and planning feasts in memory of their loved ones, Rockstar Energy Drink launches “Proud Hasta Los Huesos” (Proud to the Bones), a national campaign that invites consumers to participate in the beloved Mexican holiday that takes place during the first two days of November each year. To kick-off the campaign, today Rockstar Energy released a limited-edition collection of Día de los Muertos-themed cans designed by Mexican artist and illustrator Joaquín Nava.

Spanglish and Code-Switching: Impacts on Hispanic Marketing and Culture

Throughout history, we have had many ways to identify and define cultures and civilizations. We as human beings have been fascinated with studying ourselves, both on an individual level and in our identity groups and communities. To better understand the evolution of cultures and civilizations to what we know them today, we need to better understand the ways that language has influenced our perceived notion of society.  By Derrick Raphael Pacheco - Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, Florida State University Center for Hispanic Marketing Communications ( ADV 5415: Hispanic Marketing Communications/ Dr. Sindy Chapa )

The People-First Advertising Lessons of the Hollywood Strikes

The full impact of the ongoing Hollywood writers' and actors' strikes has yet to be felt within the TV programming ecosystem, but the continued lull in production of new long-form content is going to have reverberating effects on the media landscape as we head into 2024. Advertisers need to recognize and react to the real-world implications when it comes to TV inventory.

GALLEGOS United launches DoorDash campaign

GALLEGOS United and Superette (DoorDash's internal creative studio) have unveiled the brand’s first-ever Spanish-language campaign for the Dasher audience.

Luis Miguel Messianu, Richard Edelman and Peter Lerma launch MEL

MEL (Messianu/Edelman/Lerma) launched as a minority-owned and Hispanic-led, full-service communications agency. The independent entity will provide expertise in earned-centric media, creative, and digital solutions, through a distinct Latino lens enabling it to develop creative campaigns that represent the cultural traditions and modern lifestyle experiences of bilingual and bicultural Latinos.

Ally celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month kicking off this Friday, September 15, Ally released its newest TV spot next week honoring the cultural richness of the Hispanic community.

A Major Shift Is Coming to the Digital Ad Industry: Are You Prepared?

The foundational business model of the ad-supported internet, which revolves around offering free content in exchange for behavioral tracking, is undergoing a dramatic transformation. Over the past two decades, the focus of digital advertising has been on targeting individuals to deliver increasingly personalized and relevant ads. This has created a vast and intricate infrastructure for tracking people's online behavior.

The Surprising Origins of Our Obsession with Creativity

We tend to assume creativity is a timeless human value. But in fact, creativity has only been a regular part of our vocabulary since the middle of the twentieth century. Its first known written occurrence was in 1875, making it an infant as far as words go.  By Samuel W. Franklin

How to Hold Creative Accountable for ROI

The logic that advertisers use to drive their creative decisions doesn't make sense.

AI Partnerships: Looking Beyond the Creative Unions

There is a huge amount of excitement surrounding the latest marketing fixation, AI, and for good reason. It offers a wealth of opportunity, from simple fact-finding hacks through to content creation, most of which professionals are only just beginning to realize.

Macias Creative Welcomes Multicultural Marketing Leader Kimberley McArthur as Chief Growth Officer

Macias Creative, an independent culture-first creative agency, announced the newest addition to their executive team, Kimberley McArthur, who joins as Chief Growth Officer. McArthur is a recognized multicultural and inclusive marketing leader with a distinguished career spanning over two decades within both agency and corporate.

Nostalgia Marketing: A Powerful Source of Emotion

Nostalgia is in right now — and perhaps this is partly a reaction to the ever-evolving technocentric landscape we live in. Familiarity can be comforting and a source of positive memories from the past; so, in many ways, it's unsurprising that brands are harnessing nostalgia to evoke joy and connection for beloved brands, aesthetics, experiences, and media.

ChatGPT is not taking over the world yet, but it may lead to legal trouble [REPORT]

While AI systems can unlock new levels of creativity and acumen, creators, brands and agencies need to be wary of key legal risks – from potential intellectual property infringements to transparency about uses of consumer data – writes the 4A’s Ashwini Karandikar.

New Campaign from The Ad Council and Alzheimer’s Association Encourages Hispanic Communities to Recognize the Differences Between Normal Aging and Early Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease

The Ad Council, in partnership with the Alzheimer’s Association and creative agency Lopez Negrete Communications, launched new public service advertisements (PSAs) “Some Things Come with Age” in an effort to increase early detection of Alzheimer’s and other dementias within the Hispanic community by raising awareness of the early signs and symptoms.

What Is the Extra Round of Creative Costing You?

It's a familiar scenario, something that happens all the time. There's an approved strategy, a brief, and theoretically all the stakeholders in the process should be aligned, but still the clients are sending the agency back to do another round of creative, and another, and another. It's frustrating for everyone, and it's a waste of resources, time, and money.

Innovative Approaches to Measuring Creative Effectiveness

Bain's Cesar Brea and EDO's John Cripps discuss how to understand and optimize new ways of advertising.

Visit San Antonio Teams Up with BeautifulBeast and Mighty Industries to Unleash a Captivating Content Platform

Cross-cultural agency BeautifulBeast has entered into a strategic alliance with Mighty Industries and XALTER to create Mighty Beast. This unit specialized in content and web3 is in charge of the creation and production of 210Plaza, an entertainment platform in the Metaverse for the city of San Antonio. The goal is to attract visitors to the city, highlighting many of the cultural and culinary aspects that are attractive to young adults who like to explore new experiences.

Bursting the Creative Bubble

How to widen your perspective on projects and create deeper connections with your audience

Kanguro Insurance launches Health Insurance Plans for Pets

Kanguro Insurance has officially launched its health insurance plans for pets. With a strong focus on digital innovation and bilingual customer service, Kanguro Insurance aims to modernize the pet insurance industry in the United States.

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