Is Animation Marketing an Easier Sell for Brands?

The marketing team at FedEx wanted to deliver something extra special for its next ad campaign. The goal was to stand out from the crowd and grab the attention of younger viewers while highlighting, of course, that FedEx can help customers' businesses. The result was "Tall Tales of True Deliveries," an animated marketing campaign featuring the true stories of FedEx employees who went above and beyond the job to make sure their customers got what they ordered.

Effective advertising requires more than originality

I believe originality is an important quality of effective advertising, but originality must do more than earn people's attention. That is not just my opinion. A meta-analysis of 67 academic papers comes to the same conclusion.  By Nigel Hollis

Hyundai Wins Best Multicultural Marketing Award for “Cautionary Tales”

Hyundai and its U.S. Hispanic marketing agency, Lopez Negrete Communications, proudly announce the prestigious recognition of Best Multicultural Campaign award by MediaPost for their Hispanic IONIQ 5 and IONIQ 6 campaign, "Cautionary Tales" or “Viejos Cuentos”. The 2023 campaign focused on dispelling myths surrounding electric vehicles within the Hispanic community, challenging common misconceptions about EV accessibility, range, performance, and maintenance, with relatable and culturally sensitive family old tales.

Amnesty International Partners with Republica Havas to Raise Awareness Around Soccer’s Gender-Based Violence and Take Action for the Cause

Republica Havas and Havas Perú recently joined forces with Amnesty International Perú to call attention to the rise in gender-based violence incidents ignited by soccer team losses, both domestically and internationally.


Círculo Creativo USA supports National CineMedia (NCM) with the U.S. Hispanic Young Lions competitions. NCM is the administrator of the official “U.S. Young Lions Competition" and LIONS Representative in the United States.

The Fundamentals of Attention – Wielding context and timeliness to craft attention-grabbing advertising

Marketers who keep their finger on the pulse of the industry may have read an article from the business column of The Wall Street Journal published in November 2023 titled "Advertising Is Dead. Long Live Advertising." It details the dramatic shift in the advertising landscape, from a trajectory of ad-free environments to a proliferation of ads across various platforms and industries, prompting concerns about consumer tolerance and ad blindness.

“Retrovisiones’ por Pablo Buffagni

"Retrovisiones” es un proyecto muy personal que se fue desarrollando durante años. Incluye mi pasión por los autos, que arrancó de muy niño y se alimentó fuera y también dentro de la publicidad, gracias a la oportunidad de haber sido el líder creativo por mucho tiempo para Toyota, y el trabajo desarrollado para otras marcas como Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler, Pontiac, Chevrolet, Mitsubishi, Renault y Ford. Mientras escribo estas líneas, estoy esperando por enésima vez que salga del taller mi viejo Jaguar, tapa del libro y mi auto por más de 23 años, famoso porque cuando llegué a USA lo pronunciaba “Shawer” y pensaban que me quería dar una ducha.  Por Pablo Buffagni - President / Creative Director - BBQ Agency

Republica Havas refreshes Brand to accentuate accelerated growth…..

Republica Havas introduced its refreshed brand identity, designed as a celebration of the firm’s 17-year journey as a cross-cultural communications powerhouse. The new logo aligns with Havas’ new global brand architecture and serves to accentuate Republica Havas’ momentum and accelerated growth trajectory.

Beautiful Beast – Cardiac Risk Index

In 2023, Argentina was facing a period of severe stress and uncertainty. The situation was so volatile that it seemed like every day brought news of the decreasing value of money, political maneuvers, and other factors that were causing widespread concern among the people. This has only been made worse by the upcoming presidential elections, which have added to the uncertainty and left many feeling anxious and worried.

Nékter Juice Bar and Tajín collaborate on a Fusion of Freshness and Flavor

Nékter Juice Bar has collaborated with Tajín, the top-selling chili lime seasoning in the U.S. and Mexico, on three new limited time menu offerings that fuse freshness with flavor, bringing together Nékter’s real, wholesome ingredients with Tajín’s bold and unique blend of mild chili peppers, lime and sea salt for a refreshing and zingy taste sensation like no other.

Celebrating 25 wonderful years of Círculo Creativo

Celebrating 25 years for Círculo Creativo is a significant milestone in the organization's journey. It marks a quarter-century of dedication to promoting creativity and excellence within the U.S. Hispanic advertising landscape.  By Luis Miguel Messianu- Founder- First President – Current Co-Chairman

Latinos in Hollywood: Amplifying voices, expanding horizons

There are about 62 million Latinos in the United States; globally, the heritage of more than 650 million people falls into the broad “Latino” category. US Latinos account for more than $3 trillion of GDP, which would make them the fifth largest economy in the world if they were a country. Beyond this economic power, they are also avid consumers of Hollywood’s narratives and punch well above their weight in supporting the film and TV industry. Compared with a population share of 19 percent, US Latinos account for 24 percent of box office ticket sales and 24 percent of streaming subscribers. To put this into even sharper contrast, US Latinos see films 3.3 times a year, per capita, compared with 2.9 for Asian-Americans and 2.3 for White Americans.

Attention beyond views for creative effectiveness

The marketing industry is almost unanimous in their belief that attention plays an important role in advertising success, and the vast majority believe that attention has an important influence on creative effectiveness. However, despite the strong belief that attention matters, there is still a disconnect with how attention is being measured.

Music with Substance , by the numbers – Residente’s “313”

The always controversial Puerto Rican rapper from Calle 13, “Residente” has released a new album under the moniker “Las Letras Ya No Importan” (Letters No Longer Matter), but even the title ironically conveys his unique style and original approach to music.  By Luis Miguel Messianu- President-CCO- MEL

Republica Havas together with The Fight Against Alzheimer’s Disease Association premiere “SEGUNDO”

Republica Havas, the Miami-based agency of Havas Group, presents its new campaign which focuses on a condition of Alzheimer’s disease that has to do with wandering on the streets. Because six out of 10 people who suffer from the disease get lost on public roads, “Segundo” aims to bring general awareness and education to these types of situations in which patients for an instant lose total notion of where they are or what they are doing there.

4 Ways to Elevate In-House Creative Agencies

The world of in-house creative agencies is witnessing a paradigm shift, one that calls for a transition from tactical efficiency to transformational creativity. As a seasoned strategist and consultant in this dynamic space, I've identified four imperatives that distinguish the best in-house agencies: identity, structure, process, and positioning. Let's unpack these elements to understand how they can revolutionize your agency.

Havas Sharpens Lens on Diverse Audiences with Inaugural Meaningful Brands [REPORT]

Havas has launched the inaugural 2024 Meaningful Brands Special Report in conjunction with Republica Havas and Havas Media Network to sharpen the marketing lens on the fastest growing and most influential audience in the U.S.: diverse consumers.

Total By Verizon on Univision Broadcast of the Big Game

Total by Verizon, a fast-growing prepaid no-contract wireless carrier from Verizon is bringing back 90’s Latin dance music and laughter to the Big Game with a new take on the hit merengue song “Suavemente.” The :30 spot is directed by comedian, producer, and musician Fred Armisen.

These Pizza Ads Are a Study in Success

Musician and spoken-word artist Henry Rollins is said to have once remarked that "pizza makes me think that anything is possible," an observation that captures the intense emotion that the food inspires in so many of us. It's fitting, then, that we should celebrate this remarkable meal-in-a wheel on February 9th, National Pizza Day. In honor of the occasion consider the following marketing efforts undertaken to promote pizza.

Film from Cancer Research campaign reminds US to be on time

Cancer is the leading cause of death among Hispanics, and to raise awareness around this statistic, cancer treatment and research institution Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center partnered with Miami-based creative agency Alma to produce and launch a bilingual Public Service campaign that promotes the importance of cancer screenings. The campaign includes a short film, Late, which premiered on February 4 on World Cancer Day, a global event where cancer awareness takes center stage.  

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