Media in 2023 [REPORT]

With many uncertainties ahead for the media industry, one thing is certain - adaptability and innovation will be key. We hope to provide a sense of clarity and optimism for businesses as we uncover the challenges and opportunities in our 2023 Media Trends & Predictions Report.

2022 Hispanic Market Thought Leaders available for FREE DOWNLOAD

HispanicAd presents our 9th edition of the Hispanic Market Thought Leaders. Every edition we strive to cover important marketing topics in our Industry and highlight The Top Marketing executives for their contributions to our Industry.

2023 Outlook Survey: Ad Spend, Opportunities, and Strategies for Growth [REPORT]

This 2023 Outlook Survey was conducted by IAB to provide the digital ad-supported ecosystem with a forward-looking view into the 2023 ad spending marketplace (including both spend levels and strategies) being projected by buy-side ad investment decision-makers, primarily at brands and agencies.

Latinos remain underrepresented on Fortune 1000 Boards [REPORT]

Despite increasingly loud calls for improved diversity on boards, U.S. Latino directors hold only 3.7 percent of Fortune 1000 board seats, according to new findings from Latino Representation on Fortune 1000 Boards, 2022 edition. Since the first report was released in 2019, the number of boards with a Latino director has increased by only 1 percentage point.

The economic state of Latinos in the US: Determined to thrive

The economic state of Latinos in the US: Determined to thrive US Latinos are a driving force of the US economy and account for the fastest-growing portion of US GDP.

Dr. Aliza Lifshitz, renowned physician, communicator, and founder of Vida y Salud, passes away

Dr. Aliza Lifshitz passed away on Saturday, November 5, 2022, in Los Angeles, California.


The study, “A Diversity Report for the Advertising/Marketing Industry,” was conducted by the ANA and it’s Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing (AIMM). It also revealed that the marketing industry continues to skew largely female, including top marketing industry executives.

Fall 2022 Fortune/Deloitte CEO Survey [REPORT]

Once again CEOs offer a contrarian view by remaining moderately optimistic about their company outlook

Why bad strategy is a ‘social contagion’

Business leaders often misunderstand the actual meaning of strategy, Richard Rumelt argues in his new book, The Crux: How Leaders Become Strategists (Public Affairs, May 2022). In this episode of the Inside the Strategy Room podcast, the long-time professor at the UCLA Anderson School of Management and former president of the Strategic Management Society talks with McKinsey senior partner Yuval Atsmon about the parallels between mountain climbing and strategy, the difficulty in committing to choices, and strategy sessions as “success theater.” This is an edited transcript of the discussion. For more conversations on the strategy issues that matter, follow the series on your preferred podcast platform.

Macro-economic outlook for brands in the era of uncertainty

The world is currently a volatile, uncertain place, with war in Ukraine, the tail-end of COVID, and galloping interest and inflation rates causing high levels of media and consumer anxiety. But the overwhelming factor affecting the global economy is rising U.S. interest rates, which the Federal Reserve has increased by 0.75% – an unprecedented three times in a row – in recent months, to stave off inflation. Higher U.S. rates cause ripple-out hikes in interest rates in countries around the world. In 2022, this has led the dollar to strengthen and major currencies to weaken, including the Euro, the Yen, and the pound.

Healthy Holiday Sales as Consumers Navigate Economic Headwinds

Holiday spending is expected to be healthy even with recent inflationary challenges, as the National Retail Federation forecast that holiday retail sales during November and December will grow between 6% and 8% over 2021 to between $942.6 billion and $960.4 billion. Last year’s holiday sales grew 13.5% over 2020 and totaled $889.3 billion, shattering previous records. Holiday retail sales have averaged an increase of 4.9% over the past 10 years, with pandemic spending in recent years accounting for considerable gains.

ZUBI’S Isabella Sanchez named New Chair of the Hispanic Marketing Council

The Hispanic Marketing Council (HMC) announced Isabella Sanchez, Vice President of Media Integration at Zubi will serve as its new chair effective today. Sanchez, who previously served as HMC Treasurer, takes the helm from GroupM Multicultural President Gonzalo Del Fa. Elected as the new treasurer is Gian Pablo Kates, VP of Network Sales at Telemundo. In addition, Luis Miguel Messianu, Founder-Chairman, Alma; Steve Mandala, Chief Revenue & Local Media Officer, Estrella Media; Simon El Hage, Executive Group Account Director, Lopez Negrete Communications; Marina Filippelli, CEO, Orci; and Lisa Torres, President, Multicultural Practice, Publicis Media will also join the HMC board.

Hispanic Marketing Industry Evolution (Part II)

Following up on last month's reflection on the things that have changed and the ones that have stayed the same in Hispanic marketing over the past two decades, I invited three leaders from the media side of our industry.  By Isaac Mizrahi / Co-President ALMA Agency

US holiday shopping 2022: ’Tis the season to be (cautiously) optimistic

Despite continued economic uncertainty, US shoppers are looking forward to spending for the holidays. Retailers that offer good value will come out on top.

Holiday 2022 – Will Stores Capture This Moment?

Today’s holiday experience feels very different than it did two years ago —and even last year. Consumers are now able to go into stores and do so feeling safer.

How does Gen Z see its place in the working world? With trepidation

Americans 18 to 24 years old report high rates of mental-health challenges, impediments to effective work, and worries about the future.

Hispanics Losing Confidence in U.S. Economy

Hispanics are increasingly concerned about their personal finances, leading to a decline in optimism in the U.S. economy during the third quarter, according to a new poll from the Florida Atlantic University Business and Economics Polling Initiative (FAU BEPI).

How to build brands with commerce advertising

The line between offline and online has blurred in consumer journeys over recent years. Consumers search for products online and buy them in an offline store later, or vice versa. Commerce touchpoints are more integrated into the omnichannel path to purchase than ever before, with sophisticated targeting capabilities and digital platforms becoming a more integral part of consumers’ day-to-day life.

Latino Entrepreneurs Can Maintain Their Resilience During These Uncertain Times

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Latino small business owners have maintained their record of entrepreneurial success. By Humbi Calleja, Vice President and General Manager for North America at Herbalife Nutrition.


The survey of 2,700 Hispanic small business owners across the United States on the Hello Alice platform revealed the largest challenges facing the Hispanic demographic: raising capital through funding or credit building opportunities, obtaining raw materials or inventory, acquiring customers, growing their staff, and effectively marketing to new and returning customers.

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