TelevisaUnivision announces the start of production for four new ViX+ Original Titles

TelevisaUnivision announced that three new series, “Colapso” (working title), “Isla Brava”, and “Senda Prohibida,” and one new documentary film, “Absoluta” are currently in production.

Cannes Lions 2022: The Attention Economy has landed

Sitting neatly at the intersection of media magic and creative success is the debate around attention, which was a topic du jour from day one. Advertisers are increasingly keen to create ads that capture and retain attention. Publishers want to show they have the environments that deliver high-quality attention. And Agencies want to place ads where they can generate the most attention for their clients’ money.

Sandra Smester named EVP Programming & Content Development at NBCUniversal Telemundo

NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises announced the appointment of Sandra Smester as Executive Vice President, Programming and Content Development. In this newly created role, Smester joins the company to oversee the development and execution of programming for the network, beginning in August.

Blended viewing strategies mark a new chapter for the market [REPORT]

The video-on-demand space (VOD) is fascinating, not least because we have competing businesses approaching delivery strategies from opposing directions – with many now meeting in the middle and betting on a future that borrows the best from every model.

MundoNow Lands Industry Heavyweight Stephen Hobbs to Run New Latino Bilingual Podcast Network, Óyenos Audio

MundoNow is announcing the launch of new Latino podcast network Óyenos Audio. Óyenos will deliver premium bilingual programming that aligns with content expectations from an increasingly savvy Hispanic audience in the United States.

Streaming usage increases 21% in a year to now account for nearly one-third of total TV time

There’s more than enough discussion across the media industry about the massive growth of streaming, but the ongoing fanfare fails to objectively quantify what is truly happening and the full impact that over-the-top content is having on total TV usage.

Media Companies Expanding Spanish-Language Content for Growing Latinx Audiences

As the streaming ecosystem evolves and Latinx audiences continue to grow, the Spanish-language television landscape is transforming dramatically.

Significant opportunities amid the complexity [REPORT]

The future for the delivery of TV and video content and advertising and the evolution of viewer experiences and behaviours exposes much complexity. We shine a spotlight on the opportunities and challenges for media owners, advertisers and agencies, as well as highlighting the implications for audience measurement.

Relationship between brand cultural relevance and the amount consumers are willing to pay for brands [REPORT]

The study, “Cultural Relevance Drivers: Understanding the Building Blocks of Brand Relevance,” reveals that brands clearly benefit from cultural involvement even to the extent of people willing to invest more in those that are perceived as more culturally relevant

Marketing in the metaverse: An opportunity for innovation and experimentation

Talk of the metaverse has been ubiquitous over the past several months.  In 2021, internet searches for the term increased by 7,200 percent. In December, Facebook rebranded itself as Meta, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg declared his ambition to “help bring the metaverse to life.” A month later, Microsoft said that its proposed acquisition of gaming giant Activision provided “building blocks for the metaverse.”

Americans Are Adopting Ad-Supported Streaming Services at a Faster Rate Than Non-Ad Subscription-Based Streaming Services

Comscore, Inc. announced that ad-supported streaming services (AVOD) are seeing adoption at a faster rate than subscription-based services (SVOD), with a 29% increase in U.S. households streaming AVODs in 2022 compared to 2020 vs a 21% increase during the same period for SVODs.

Your Digital Marketing Isn’t Reaching Hispanics

Since the dawn of digital, those of us in multicultural marketing have watched general market agencies take over budgets once aligned to specific target markets, such as Hispanic, only to be put in the ubiquitous bucket called “total market approach”. If you are one of these marketers let me point out a few observations of why it’s not working.  By Karla Fernandez Parker

46% of Adults Watch Video via a Connected TV Device Daily

ew consumer research from Leichtman Research Group, Inc. (LRG) finds that 87% of U.S. TV households have at least one Internet-connected TV device, including connected Smart TVs, stand-alone streaming devices (like Roku, Amazon Fire TV sticks or boxes, Chromecast, or Apple TV), connected video game systems, and/or connected Blu-ray players. This compares to 80% with at least one connected TV device in 2020, 69% in 2017, and 38% in 2012.

Telemundo Deportes presents INDY 500

Telemundo Deportes presents the 106th Running of the Indianapolis 500 this Sunday, May 29 at 11 a.m. ET airing live on Universo, and Telemundo Deportes app. This will be the first time that “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing” will be broadcast on a domestic Spanish-language network.

Ten assumptions underlying the misuse of digital advertising

The potential power of digital marketing is huge. So why am I left with the feeling that the practice of digital marketing often falls short of that potential? I believe it is because the architects of digital marketing infrastructure, and many that use that infrastructure, have forgotten they are dealing with humans not machines. And from that basic misapprehension flows a series of assumptions when digital marketing is put into practice.  By Nigel Hollis

U.S. podcast listenership continues to grow, and audiences are resuming many pre-pandemic spending behaviors

During a pandemic that drove millions indoors, and in front of screens, a funny thing happened with podcasts: audience engagement increased. And in addition to the wealth of new listeners, engagement among listeners is growing.

Estrella Media launches EstrellaTV & KRCA-62 Los Angeles on YouTube TV

Estrella Media has launched a live streaming simulcast of EstrellaTV’s Los Angeles station KRCA-62 and its national EstrellaTV feed on YouTube TV. KRCA-62 is available to Southern California users.

Podcast advertising presents marketers with greater opportunities to increase ROI [REPORT

Nielsen released the third installment of its Podcasting Today report. The latest edition highlights the significant growth in podcast audiences and content, and how brands and advertisers can utilize the medium to amplify reach and R

Estrella Media named Pepe Gaza Head of Content DEV & A&R Music & Producer of Digital Audio

Estrella Media has tapped adio programmer and television personality Pepe Garza to new roles as the Head of Content Development and A&R for the newly established music division Estrella Media Music Entertainment (EMME) and Executive Producer, Digital Audio for the company.

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