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Guidelines for Diverse Media Suppliers

The ANA and the 4A’s unveiled a comprehensive list of guidelines designed to help diverse media suppliers improve and strengthen their partnerships with marketers and agencies.

Cannes Lions 2022: The Attention Economy has landed

Sitting neatly at the intersection of media magic and creative success is the debate around attention, which was a topic du jour from day one. Advertisers are increasingly keen to create ads that capture and retain attention. Publishers want to show they have the environments that deliver high-quality attention. And Agencies want to place ads where they can generate the most attention for their clients’ money.

Timidity is limiting your ROI

From a budgeting perspective, global marketers planned to increase their spending across all channels as 2022 got underway, with significant emphasis on select digital channels like social media, video and display ads.

Majority of Marketers Are Using Multi-Touch Attribution for Marketing Analytics [REPORT]

MMA Global, the association devoted to architecting the future of marketing, released its annual State of Attribution Marketer Benchmark Report. For the first time since MMA Global released the survey results in 2016, over half of marketers (53%) are using multi-touch attribution (MTA) to track and optimize marketing performance. Adoption has risen steadily over the past six years, dipping slightly in 2021 and rebounding dramatically in 2022 with a nearly 33% increase.

Ad Engagement Increases With Each Audio Exposure

The results are especially powerful in a media landscape where advertisers are yearning for audience attention. Audio simply does not erode. It hooks listeners right out of the gate and delivers strong engagement and consumer action at even the highest levels of exposure.

Traditional Advertising is Alive and Well

“Digital marketing is the future.” Whoever the first person was to make that statement wasn’t wrong.

Living up to a brand promise

It’s no secret that brands have shifted their efforts to create personalized messages and offerings to earn consumers’ attention and wallets. However, personalization tactics alone won’t be enough to foster more meaningful, long-term relationships with their customers.

ThinkNow taps Semasio to bring Multicultural Audiences to Programmatic Advertising

Semasio has partnered with ThinkNow to bring zero-party multicultural data to the programmatic ecosystem. The partnership will equip marketers with the tools and resources to plan, manage and message to their target audiences in a culturally evolving and dynamically shifting U.S. consumer market.

TelevisaUnivision and VideoAmp announceData, Currency and Cross-Platform Partnership

TelevisaUnivision and VideoAmp announced a new partnership in which TelevisaUnivision will leverage VideoAmp’s data to power its suite of advanced advertising solutions.

Why Marketers Are Returning to Traditional Advertising

Pundits have long predicted the demise of traditional advertising. However, it is alive and well and headed for growth for the first time in a decade. The authors explain seven factors driving this trend, including the ability of traditional ads to break through digital clutter,...

Busted! Five myths about retail media

Retail media networks are transforming the advertising landscape and boosting top retailers’ bottom lines. Our latest survey helps debunk five mistaken beliefs about RMNs.

Your Digital Marketing Isn’t Reaching Hispanics

Since the dawn of digital, those of us in multicultural marketing have watched general market agencies take over budgets once aligned to specific target markets, such as Hispanic, only to be put in the ubiquitous bucket called “total market approach”. If you are one of these marketers let me point out a few observations of why it’s not working.  By Karla Fernandez Parker

DE&I $$$$ directed towards Hispanic Owned & Operated Media reaches $100 Million [NOT]

Over the last couple of years, many clients and their media buying services have promised to re-direct dollars towards minority owned media and in our case Hispanic Owned and Operated media.

The ANA, 4A’s and AIMM Seek to Help Marketers and Agencies Partner with Diverse Media Outlets [REPORT]

The ANA and the 4A’s unveiled a comprehensive list of guidelines designed to help marketers partner with diverse media suppliers, strengthen their DEI strategy, and drive brand growth.

Not all Advertising Frequency is created Equal when it comes to Sales Lift

When it comes to marketing campaigns, recent advertising exposure (or recency frequency) is more effective at increasing incremental sales for consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands than iterative (or repeat) frequency, according to new research analysis from NCSolutions (NCS) about how advertising works.

Brand awareness remains global marketers’ top priority, but mass reach isn’t what it used to be

Channel fragmentation and increasing media options provide consumers with an abundance of choice, but they present a hurdle for marketers that rely on traditional mass reach channels to increase brand awareness. And just as we’ve seen in previous years, the marketers surveyed for Nielsen’s 2022 Annual Marketing Report say building brand awareness is their top objective for the year ahead. Similarly, their top business priority is new customer acquisition.

Marketers can foster greater representation in media

Every year, the topic of gender equity captures headlines during Women’s History Month. During this time, the media industry is often called out for a lack of on-screen representation. The numbers speak for themselves: women received 43% share of screen and 42% share of casting in U.S. television programming in 20211, with only 31% of measured shows having women represented at fair share. Worse, these metrics show little improvement from the year prior.

Marketers’ three keys to more agile media planning

Between rapid news cycles, ever-changing consumer behaviors, and an unclear future as the pandemic continues, adaptability is key for marketing success. To help achieve brand goals, marketers should conduct ongoing media planning throughout the year, versus only once at the start, that puts key audiences at the center of marketing efforts. By establishing always-on, consumer-focused measurement practices, marketers can then leverage outcomes to continuously optimize marketing strategies and tactics.

5 Questions advertisers want answered [REPORT]

Advertisers need to track their entire ad spend with comparable metrics across platforms to get the full performance picture.

Where did Integrated Marketing Go Wrong?

3 Steps for Modern Marketers to Increase Effectiveness of Integrated Campaigns.  By Roberto Orci

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