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Media in 2023 [REPORT]

With many uncertainties ahead for the media industry, one thing is certain - adaptability and innovation will be key. We hope to provide a sense of clarity and optimism for businesses as we uncover the challenges and opportunities in our 2023 Media Trends & Predictions Report.

TelevisaUnivision announces Omnicom Media Group integrates Hispanic Household Data Graph

TelevisaUnivision announced Omnicom Media Group (OMG) will be the first agency partner to leverage its Hispanic household data graph for its brands to expand reach and resonance with the fast-growing U.S. Hispanic population. Now covering nearly 100% of U.S. Hispanic Households, TelevisaUnivision’s propriety data graph will integrate with OMG’s identity solution, Omni ID, via privacy-oriented clean room technology to power its targeting, optimization, and measurement for always on activation across the entirety of its brands.

What football’s growing popularity in North America means for 2026 World Cup sponsors

In 2026, for the first time ever, the World Cup will be spread over three countries. Sixteen cities across the U.S., Canada and Mexico will host matches, giving brands and advertisers a chance to expand their reach and build connections with growing football fan bases across North America—if they know where to look.

5 World Cup Pitfalls Marketers Should Avoid

If you are a soccer fan like me, you are probably very excited about the upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup. I've been following the FIFA World Cup since my childhood in Brazil, and I had the privilege of working in two World Cups (1990 and 1998). During my career, I have also worked on several different soccer-related programs directly or indirectly.  By Isaac Mizrahi - Co-President of ALMA

A change in conversation about advertising

As the global media market evolves, businesses' views on advertising are shifting from being perceived as a cost, to a strategic benefit. Even though high inflation and increased competition are challenging the advertising industry, we uncover why brand building and maintaining media investments is crucial in times of economic downturn.

Havas Media Group North America launches Multicultural Media Practice

Havas Media Group (HMG) North America has announced the full U.S. rollout of its specialized multicultural media practice to help brands meaningfully engage Hispanic, African American, Asian American and LGBTQIA+ audiences and consumers. The agency has appointed Anabela Bonuccelli, EVP Portfolio Lead to oversee the practice in the U.S.

Asians Not Impressed with Brand Marketing/Advertising Outreach

Horowitz Research findings from FOCUS Asian: State of Consumer Engagement 2022 study reveals that only 34% of Asian consumers feel that they are seeing more brands going out of their way to market and advertise to their community. They are much less likely than their Black (45%) and Latinx (44%) counterparts to feel this way.

Hispanic Marketing Industry Evolution (Part II)

Following up on last month's reflection on the things that have changed and the ones that have stayed the same in Hispanic marketing over the past two decades, I invited three leaders from the media side of our industry.  By Isaac Mizrahi / Co-President ALMA Agency

The Age of Inclusive Intelligence [REPORT]

Before the global pandemic brought the world to a standstill, we began charting the long-term consumer trends that would shape the next decade. Little did we know how quickly that analysis would be challenged.

National Brands Kickstart Local Demand [REPORT]

When local businesses stumble, a national brand’s revenue tumbles. A third of national marketers say 40% or more of their company’s revenue comes from local business partners, yet less than 30% of small businesses have fully recovered from the pandemic. Do the math, and you’ll see a lot of lost revenue.

2023 Media Budgets [REPORT]

Marketing and advertising budgets are coming under increasing pressure and heavy scrutiny from finance directors in the volatile and unpredictable 2022 marketplace. Nevertheless, some of the world’s biggest brands remain committed to maintaining planned investment despite the threat of recession in many markets.

Media Responsibility Index, Finds Global Social Platforms Making Most Progress, and Benchmarks Broadcast & Cable, CTV/OTT, Digital Video and Display

IPG Mediabrands and its intelligence arm MAGNA, unveiled the 4th issue of its signature Media Responsibility Index (MRI 4.0), an initiative that strives to raise industry awareness and standards around harm reduction for brands and consumers in advertising.

Digital Makes The AM/FM Radio Plan Better And Vice Versa

New research from Nielsen shows why a blend of digital ad platforms and AM/FM radio is one of the most powerful combinations in media. Some of the largest studies ever conducted on advertising effectiveness have found as the number of media platforms utilized increases, effectiveness and sales effect grow.  By Pierre Bouvard

Spanish Broadcasting System to migrate onto AdsWizz’s technology stack

Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS) Inc. announces AdsWizz Inc. as the exclusive programmatic sales representative of SBS’s Hispanic audio inventory.

Digital media trends

Led by Gen Zs and Millennials, consumer behavior is shifting: People are looking for more personalized, interactive, and immersive experiences. What are the implications for the M&E industry?

In the search for growth, what’s a media seller to do?

The importance of brand awareness and new customer acquisition elevated this year among the marketers surveyed for Nielsen’s 2022 Annual Marketing Report, but there isn’t a marketer on the planet who’s not laser focused on growing their return on investment (ROI). For media sellers, increasing competition—both within specific channels and in adjacent channels—has never been higher, which adds new layers of nuance on the road to finding new growth.

How the power of consumer connection drives success

For consumers, 2022 may well be another year of instability. Pandemic recovery has given way to soaring inflation, leaving retailers and customers rushing to cut costs. Even during these turbulent times, however, many of the world’s best-known companies have continued to see success. Analysis from our global BrandZ report reveal that, despite ongoing economic pain, the world’s 100 most valuable brands have seen their worth skyrocket over the past 12 months. During 2021, the worth of those brands grew from $7.1tn to $8.7tn, equivalent to some 9 per cent of world GDP.

Media Halo: What advertisers communicate through their choice of media brands

For maximum impact, advertisers need to select the media partners that match their brand personality and campaign objectives. But which media partners align best with your brand?

Football, Father Christmas and inflation: getting festive advertising right in 2022

The festive season is going to be uniquely challenging for advertisers this year with the added ingredient of the men’s football World Cup and some tough economic headwinds. Christmas is always a febrile and competitive time, with many businesses relying on the Golden Quarter to deliver their biggest sales numbers. Over £8 billion1 is expected to be spent on ads this winter alone as brands clamor for attention. With football fever added to the mix, how can businesses make sure campaigns cut through and deliver commercial ROI?

Programmatic Media Buying Guide

The ANA introduced the first guide to help CMOs streamline the programmatic media buying process by removing waste and inefficiencies and maximizing ROI

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