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Advertising Industry Launches New Initiative To Expand & Standardize Privacy Protections Through Responsible Online Advertising Practices And Enhanced Advocacy

Leaders of the U.S. advertising industry launched a new initiative to boost privacy protections and choices for consumers through evolved and enhanced industry data privacy principles for responsible online advertising practices and to renew their commitment to enacting preemptive, federal privacy legislation.

Spanish-Language TV Ad Impressions Up 27% YoY in 1H 2023 [REPORT] UPDATED

As brands put a greater emphasis on Hispanic consumers, Spanish-language TV ad impressions are climbing as well. iSpot’s new report around Spanish-language TV advertising shows which brands are increasing Spanish-language ad focus YoY, key industries, daypart adjustments, top programs and more.

Can Ad Buyers Trust the Numbers They’re Given?

Ad buyers — large or small — rarely have the time to do in-depth audits on the numbers they're given. Whether you're spending $50,000 per year on advertising or $5 million — how many resources can you spare to ensure that your ads are running in the best places — let alone that they're even running where you thought they would?

Connected Consumer 2023 [REPORT]

The 2023 Connected consumer survey explores device usage as a gateway to meaningful connections, better health, safer homes, and valued virtual experiences. This year, consumer concerns around digital fatigue, well-being, and data privacy and security persist, while the “just right” balance between virtual and physical worlds remains elusive. Tech companies that help consumers find that balance will likely benefit. .


Last year’s LDC U.S. Latino GDP Report reflected a U.S. Latino economy valued at $2.8 trillion in GDP. This year’s report shows the U.S. Latino economy has continued its remarkable growth and is now a $3.2 trillion economy. It is, in fact, growing two and a half times faster than the non-Latino equivalent.

Trade Groups define “MADE FOR ADVERTISING” websites

A consortium of marketing and advertising trade organizations released a detailed definition of so-called “Made for Advertising” websites that the ANA said in a recent report comprise 21 percent of impressions and 15 percent of ad spend.

MAGNA US AD FORECAST – Fall 2023 Update: Digital Advertising Finally Recovers

After two quarters of stagnation, US advertising spending re-accelerated to +4.4% year-over-year in the second quarter, but digital media formats were the only ones to see a significant improvement in advertising sales. The digital advertising recovery, combined with a slightly better economic outlook, led MAGNA to raise its market growth forecast for 2023 and 2024.

New Guidelines to help Marketers start investing in Diverse Media Suppliers

The ANA and the 4A’s released a new set of guidelines designed to help companies increase their advertising and marketing investments in diverse media suppliers.

‘Always-on’ Analytics: The Pros and Cons of Automation in Marketing Mix Modelling

Welcome to the Wheelhouse, a series of blogs from Ebiquity’s Marketing Effectiveness team. In this fourth edition of The Wheelhouse, Principal Consultant George Wood considers the benefits and drawbacks of running automated, ‘always-on’ analytics for marketing effectiveness in marketing mix modelling.

2023 HMC – Hispanic Market Guide explores Inclusivity, Intersectionality, Trust, Bingeability in Entertainment, Media Consumption & More …. [DOWNLOAD REPORT HERE]

The Hispanic Marketing Council (HMC) has released its highly anticipated 2023 Hispanic Market Guide, the most comprehensive resource on the U.S. Hispanic market featuring top trends, business-building insights, up-to-date market data as well as in-depth reports on the proliferation of Hispanic-focused audio and the disruptive power of Hispanic creativity. Latinos are driving a cultural and demographic transformation as the U.S. heads towards a multicultural majority—already a reality for people under 35. With $2.8 trillion in Hispanic buying power, there are deep implications for marketers who must lead with cultural insights to create effective and relevant campaigns that connect with today’s multicultural mainstream. This new publication, geared towards newcomer and veteran brands alike, is available to view online or download for free.

State of Play Report [ REPORT]

Nielsen released its 2023 State of Play report outlining new findings on the fast-evolving streaming video landscape highlighting data and insights from Gracenote, Nielsen’s content solutions business unit. The new report illuminates the surging number of program titles and streaming video services, as well as the resulting challenges for viewers who now spend 10.5 minutes per session deciding what to watch.

Cross-Garden, Not Cross-Channel, Is the Future of TV Advertising

Years ago, at the beginning of streaming, many thought that making the key parts of TV advertising work "cross-channel" (i.e., between streaming and linear TV) would be the biggest challenge in the future of video advertising. In other words, modifying planning, buying, and measurement tools; processes; and teams to work across all of the old and new channels that people would watch would be the industry's biggest problem to solve. Preparing for a streaming video world seemed like a repeat of the transition that the media world went through when it integrated cable TV advertising into a world that had been created for broadcast only.

How to maximize the value of programmatic data through audience segmentation

In this article, I will delve into the significance of audience segmentation in programmatic advertising and provide valuable tips to enhance its overall effectiveness.  By Mario X. Carrasco

Global advertising spend to top $1trn for first time next year

A new study from WARC, the experts in marketing effectiveness, has found that global advertising spend is on course to grow 4.4% this year and a further 8.2% in 2024, by when expenditure will have topped $1trn for the first time.

How Marketers Can Fight Ad Fraud to Drive Results

The first look of the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) Programmatic Media Supply Chain Transparency Study found brands may be wasting much of their programmatic advertising campaign budgets on low-quality or fraudulent media.

A new era of programmatic advertising beckons but questions remain whether advertisers are prepared

WARC, the global authority on marketing effectiveness, has released The Future of Programmatic, the latest WARC strategy report produced in partnership with ID Comms, covering the major trends shaping programmatic advertising over the coming 12 months together with practical guidance for advertisers evolving their programmatic and ad tech capabilities.

Navigating Media Mix Models, Marketing Mix Models and Multi-touch Attribution Models

Media Mix Modelling, Marketing Mix modelling and Multi-Touch Attribution modelling have all been widely discussed and written about in recent years.  As CMOs face increasing pressure on their budgets, the need to deliver marketing efficiency is paramount.

ANA Programmatic Media Supply Chain Transparency Study — First Look  [REPORT]

The study focused on open web programmatic advertising, a $88 billion global market.

Connecting with Consumers in an Age of Change

Consumers have never had more control over what they watch — how can marketers balance their TV media mix?

Ahhh, the missteps I took…

Work is like any relationship and sometimes we pursue what we feel is right, and find out later that it was a mistake. Like marriage, there are ups and downs, but when we look at current jobs and how the holding companies are so vertical, we can see how joining an organization that is too vertical, too segmented, that is a mistake.  By Xavier Mantilla - Media Strategy, Creative and tactical execution across multiple markets including US Multicultural. Agency Partnerships and coordination. 

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