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Mental Health in the US Hispanic Creative Industry

Those of us in the advertising industry are aware that the job means constant pressure. Every day, we must demonstrate that we have the talent and skills necessary to solve the creative problems that come across our desks. And our work is always subject to scrutiny, approval, and the opinions of many during the entire creation and production process. This causes intense stress that can threaten our mental health.

The data-driven future of storytelling: MIT’s Deb Roy on the message and the medium

The head of MIT’s Center for Constructive Communication talks about how data can help storytellers, what audiences of the future might look like, and why artificial intelligence cannot replace human creativity

Doing More With Less Isn’t A Strategy

Nearly all agencies and firms I come across who have downsized have charged their remaining teams with"doing more with less." They feel their better people can handle larger workloads with greater efficiency. That's probably true for a while, and perhaps it's sustainable if the work is heavily process-oriented and repetitive.

“YES! to Census 2020” Campaign for City of Houston and Harris County Continues to Earn Accolades

The American Advertising Federation District 10 presented Lopez Negrete Communications, the nation’s largest independently owned and operated Hispanic marketing agency, and Team Hounanimous, a collective of several local Houston-based organizations, companies and agencies with the Mosaic Award for Diversity and Inclusion in an Integrated Campaign.

Chemistry CULTURA launches

Pinta announced the completion of its sale to Chemistry. As part of the merger, Pinta has rebranded to its new name Chemistry Cultura.

How to Win the Final Pitch Presentation Even when the Client Throws You Curveballs

I was recently working with two different clients on two different final pitch presentations that shared a common challenge: client-imposed restrictions on the format of the meeting.

The 5 Biggest Threats To Agency New Business In 2022

The past couple of years have been a wild ride. However, even amid lingering concerns about Omicron and economic uncertainties, there’s a sense that the worst is behind us as we enter 2022.  by Mark Duval - The Duval Partnership

The OUCH! Factor™ Report 2021 [REPORT]

The hidden cost of pitching revealed.

You’re in the pitch. Do you have a plan to win it?

In November, Adweek released the results of a survey of 70 brand marketers asking them to rate their agencies’ performance during 2020 and anticipate plans for changing or retaining their agencies next year.  by Jody Sutter

Liberty Communications Names VMLY&R AOR

Liberty Communications, a communications company offering fixed and wireless services in Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands as part of Liberty Latin America (LLA), has announced VMLY&R will serve as the brand’s strategic and creative agency of record.

Latino civil rights organization drops ‘Latinx’ from official communication

The action by the League of United Latin American Citizens adds to the debate over a term embraced by younger Latinos and those seeking more inclusive, gender-neutral language.   Domingo García, president of the League of United Latin American Citizens, the nation’s oldest Latino civil rights organization, has instructed staff and board members to drop the word “Latinx” from the group’s official communications.

You lost me at “LATINX”

It sounds cool and shows inclusion, but does it resonate with the  community?

Hispanic Representation in Ad Industry Still Lags Behind Where It Should Be

The ANA/AIMM recently released, “A Diversity Report for the Advertising/Marketing Industry,” examining diversity in client-side marketing departments. The report comes with a significant headline – Finally, there has been progress in increasing ethnic diversity!  By Bill Duggan, Group EVP at Association of National Advertisers (ANA)

The Day of Reckoning is Coming for Hispanic Marketing

The Hispanic marketing industry must take action and capitalize on the spotlight that is currently shining on diversity, inclusion and multicultural marketing.  By Lee Vann – Captura Group

As supply chain woes intensify, advertisers reallocate, not cut, media dollars

The panic over the impact supply chain snafus are having on how many ad dollars are spent during this quarter is probably overdone.  Not because there won’t be notable cuts; they have already happened and continue to do so, according to the six ad execs interviewed for this article. Rather those dollars won’t be lost for good. They will be spent eventually in the quarter. The hard part for those execs is knowing when.

Is Your Agency Open For Business? Do Your Prospects Know That?

Agencies are in the service business. But you wouldn’t know it by calling a dozen agencies. Many of them will let your call ring until it rolls over to a general mailbox. And once you leave a message in that abyss, who knows whatever happens to it after that? Maybe someone will get back to you in a couple of business days? What kind of first impression is that?  By Mark Duval – The Duval Partnership

Intriago named VP, Client Partnerships at Captura Group

Captura Group named Elba Intriago as Vice President of Client Partnerships.

What is the secret to great media planning?

New analysis shows that some media perform consistently around the world, but local insight is needed to maximise media effectiveness.

In uncertain times, continuous planning should be the new norm

For brands that were forced to pull back on budgets over the past 18+ months, navigating media planning will involve some level of uncertainty for the foreseeable future.

Are You Sacrificing Long-Term Business Development Success for Short-Term Gains?

When it comes to business development, one of the most crippling obstacles to growth is a short-term mindset. Executives are constantly scrambling to win easy pursuits and manage crises, rather than devoting their energies to building a stable, cohesive business development model for achieving long-term, sustainable growth.

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