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Chemistry CULTURA launches

Pinta announced the completion of its sale to Chemistry. As part of the merger, Pinta has rebranded to its new name Chemistry Cultura.

Latino civil rights organization drops ‘Latinx’ from official communication

The action by the League of United Latin American Citizens adds to the debate over a term embraced by younger Latinos and those seeking more inclusive, gender-neutral language.   Domingo García, president of the League of United Latin American Citizens, the nation’s oldest Latino civil rights organization, has instructed staff and board members to drop the word “Latinx” from the group’s official communications.

You lost me at “LATINX”

It sounds cool and shows inclusion, but does it resonate with the  community?

Digital keeps changing the game in communications, in ways that go far beyond the obvious [REPORT]

Even now, after digital media and technology have permeated businesses at every level, they continue to create fundamentally new challenges in the crisis and risk management field. Edelman’s 2021 Connected Crisis Study sheds new light on how significant this shift has become, and how far companies still have to go, to adapt.

INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: Angela Sustaita-Ruiz / Digital & Cultural PR and Marketing Strategist/Co-Founder Brilla Media

In our “Industry Spotlight Series“, we are highlighting Angela Sustaita-Ruiz / Digital & Cultural PR and Marketing Strategist / Co-Founder Brilla Media.  We will continue to highlight our great industry executives in this series, asking them key questions about the business.  Enjoy.

B2B vs. B2C—defining the difference and adjusting marketing accordingly

Generally speaking, there are two types of marketing commonly executed in a business marketing strategy. This is entirely dependent on the market the business serves—and sometimes these markets overlap, prompting a need for slightly modified marketing approaches.

Public Relations Calendar 2022

You need to organize and communicate your public relations activities and events.

10 Key Differences between B2B and B2C Digital Marketing

There are different types of digital marketing, but in this article, we are going to dig the ground for exploring the fundamental differences between the two major types of digital marketing, i.e., B2B and B2C.

Hernandez-Blades named SVP of Marketing and Communications at SAIC

Science Applications International Corp. announced that Catherine Hernandez-Blades has joined the company as senior vice president of marketing and communications.

New Diversity Action Alliance Analysis Finds Only 21% of PR Professionals Are Racially or Ethnically Diverse [REPORT]

The report, which examines the racial and ethnic representation and promotion data of employees across 100+ U.S.-based public relations and communications organizations, documents that just over one-fifth (21%) of those employees are racially/ethnically diverse. Furthermore, of the total employee sample, 22% of employees were promoted in 2019. Of that 22%, less than a fifth of those promoted were racially/ethnically diverse.

Mission Impossible? Fewer Than 8 Percent of Pitches Become Stories

Propel’s survey of some 1.2 million pitches sent during the past 12 months pegs the 8 percent mark to pitches from a trio of top PR agencies. So, these top performers are achieving success about 8 percent of the time. The success rate for pitches from all media relations pros is “likely much lower,” a Propel executive tells us.

Checo Joins BODEN

PR Industry veteran Andy Checo has ended his six-year stint at Havas FORMULATIN and joined Miami-based BODEN .

Does Your Agency Really Need PR?

Have you considered using a PR firm to boost your agency’s profile and generate interest from potential clients? When does a creative shop genuinely need to hire a full-time PR staffer or firm? When do they not? Understanding the difference can help your agency capitalize on its opportunities and avoid misspent resources.  By Mark Duval – The Duval Partnership

TRUST, The New Brand Equity [REPORT]

Today, our research shows a change in attitude, as consumers believe they have the power to force brands to change (63 percent) and want to exert that power on brands to make society better (78 percent). The deeper dependence on brands forged in the pandemic has made trust an essential purchase consideration, nearly equal to quality and value.

Lopez Negrete Communications Awarded Two National Honors by Public Relations Society of America

Lopez Negrete Communications has been awarded two of the nation’s most prestigious public relations honors: a Silver Anvil in the Content Marketing for Government category and a Bronze Anvil in the Creative Tactics category as a result of their “YES! to Census 2020” campaign and murals created for the City of Houston and Harris County.

The Future of Agencies: Blurred Lines and Reimagined Relationships [REPORT]

Advertising, PR, creative, digital, and full-service agencies have played a crucial role in the marketer’s toolkit for decades. But the landscape is changing. More than ever, overlap exists between agencies and consultancies, in-house and external agencies, and the roles of humans and automation. ANA Marketing Futures gathered perspectives from marketers and subject matter experts to understand how marketers view the future of agency and how its trajectory impacts marketing decision making.

10 Steps to Prepare for a Social Media Crisis

A social media crisis is a frightening prospect. So much so, that many organizations avoid thinking about it, have only rough plans in place, and only learn how to deal with one when they actually face a p

Workaround the Nondisclosure — How to Still Get Press Coverage Through B2B PR

One of the stickiest areas of B2B PR, for many of the B2B brands we work with, is how to show what they’ve accomplished for their clients without sharing the clients’ names.

Cancer Research Institute named SociedAd as Hispanic Marketing & PR AOR

sociedAD announced that it has been named partner for the Cancer Research Institute (CRI). CRI, a non-profit organization spearheading transformative investigations to cure cancer by harnessing the power of the immune system, has selected the agency to kick-off the first ever in-language resource hub and Virtual Immunotherapy Patient Summit for the Hispanic community during this critical moment in science and research.  

Amigos For Kids Launches Riveting Public Awareness Campaign

To create awareness during April, National Child Abuse Prevention Month, Amigos For Kids, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing child abuse and neglect by strengthening families and educating communities, is launching a new nationwide campaign titled “Victims.” The goal of the campaign is to help raise awareness of the impact child abuse and neglect can have on children and their communities.

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