Dafnne Wejebe joins MundoNow as Director of Audio Content

MundoNow announced the appointment of Dafnne Wejebe to Director of Audio Content. Ms. Wejebe will anchor the line-up for the recently launched Óyenos Audio podcast network with her new show, Codice Criptico.

Americans now spend more time audio on mobile phone than radio receivers

The devices we choose for listening are inextricably linked to the types of audio we consume, and America’s listening has shifted to mobile phones, a trend that we have been observing for years. Our latest Infinite Dial study shows that 88% of Americans age 16+ own a mobile phone, and as the availability of audio apps and podcast apps has increased, so has consumption on a mobile phone.

Digital Makes The AM/FM Radio Plan Better And Vice Versa

New research from Nielsen shows why a blend of digital ad platforms and AM/FM radio is one of the most powerful combinations in media. Some of the largest studies ever conducted on advertising effectiveness have found as the number of media platforms utilized increases, effectiveness and sales effect grow.  By Pierre Bouvard

Entravision Announces Exclusive Network Representation of “El Show de Erazno y La Chokolata”

Entravision announced the Company’s radio network will have exclusive network representation of “El Show de Erazno y La Chokolata”, effective January 12, 2023. Through this representation, the show, which originated on Entravision, airs on 97 radio stations across the United States, representing 64% of the U.S. Hispanic population. Entravision airs the Erzano y Chokolata show in Los Angeles, El Centro, Palm Springs, Monterey, Stockton, Modesto, Sacramento, Reno, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Albuquerque, Denver, Aspen, El Paso, and McAllen.

Spanish Broadcasting System to migrate onto AdsWizz’s technology stack

Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS) Inc. announces AdsWizz Inc. as the exclusive programmatic sales representative of SBS’s Hispanic audio inventory.

Ramos named EVP of Multicultural Partnerships at Katz Media Group

Katz Media Group announced that Rick Ramos has been promoted to Executive Vice President of Katz Multicultural Partnerships, effective immediately. Ramos will continue to report to Tucker Flood, President of Eastman Radio at Katz Radio Group.

Comedy Remains the Top Podcast Genre in the U.S.

Edison Research announced the Top Podcast Genres in the U.S. for Q2 2022, and comedy once again takes the top spot as the genre consumed by most weekly podcast listeners.

The 2022 Latino Podcast Listener [REPORT]

Edison Research finds that 59% of U.S. Latinos age 18+ have ever listened to a podcast, a high mark for the measure. Just over half (51%) of U.S. Latinos have ever listened to a podcast in English, and 33% have ever listened to a podcast in Spanish.

MundoNow Lands Industry Heavyweight Stephen Hobbs to Run New Latino Bilingual Podcast Network, Óyenos Audio

MundoNow is announcing the launch of new Latino podcast network Óyenos Audio. Óyenos will deliver premium bilingual programming that aligns with content expectations from an increasingly savvy Hispanic audience in the United States.

Ad Engagement Increases With Each Audio Exposure

The results are especially powerful in a media landscape where advertisers are yearning for audience attention. Audio simply does not erode. It hooks listeners right out of the gate and delivers strong engagement and consumer action at even the highest levels of exposure.

A Wide Lens Is a Marketer’s Optimal View

Audio advertising is projected to reach $7B in 2022. And what inevitably comes with greater investment? A greater desire, and need, for data.

U.S. podcast listenership continues to grow, and audiences are resuming many pre-pandemic spending behaviors

During a pandemic that drove millions indoors, and in front of screens, a funny thing happened with podcasts: audience engagement increased. And in addition to the wealth of new listeners, engagement among listeners is growing.

Podcast advertising presents marketers with greater opportunities to increase ROI [REPORT

Nielsen released the third installment of its Podcasting Today report. The latest edition highlights the significant growth in podcast audiences and content, and how brands and advertisers can utilize the medium to amplify reach and R

Moms & Media 2022 [REPORT]

77% work outside the home, up from 58% in 2021.Moms continue to embrace the hands-free assistance provided by voice tech for their on-the-go routines, as 50% now own a smart speaker. Moms who own smart speakers have an average of 2.8 in their households.

Estrella Media named Pepe Gaza Head of Content DEV & A&R Music & Producer of Digital Audio

Estrella Media has tapped adio programmer and television personality Pepe Garza to new roles as the Head of Content Development and A&R for the newly established music division Estrella Media Music Entertainment (EMME) and Executive Producer, Digital Audio for the company.

U.S. Online Audio Listening Grows and Podcast Habits Reflect a Return to Work and School [REPORT & INFOGRAPH]

Seventy-three percent of the U.S. 12+ population (an estimated 209 million people) have listened to online audio in the last month, up from 68% in 2021. This jump was primarily driven by listeners age 35+, as the number of those age 35+ who listen to online audio monthly increased by 13% year over year. Weekly online audio listening also rose to 67% of the U.S. 12+ population, up from 62% in 2021. ­­­

Pod Digital Media acquires Latino & Latina Podcasters Network

Pod Digital Media (PDM) announced it has acquired exclusive rights to the Latino & Latina Podcasters Network. Pod Digital Media will now add 50 Latina, Latino, Latinx, and LGBTQ+ hosted and produced podcasts.

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