A comprehensive guide to brand equity and growth [REPORT]

Brand equity is one of your business’s most valuable assets. Our many studies have proven that the stronger the brand, the more superior the shareholder returns, and the greater the contribution to a business’s cash flow.

C-Suite Outlook 2022: Reset and Reimagine [REPORT]

Inflation concerns are skyrocketing. Labor shortages are driving talent retention and recruitment to the top of the CEO agenda in 2022. How do CEOs plan to seize the opportunities?

5 keys to a successful digital marketing transformation [REPORT]

Today’s consumers demand omnichannel sophistication and personalized brand experiences, forcing companies to rethink their approach to demand generation and find better ways to measure marketing effectiveness.

Consumer Demand For Private Brands [REPORT]

Historically, consumers have navigated to store brands, also referred to as private brand or private label products, during challenging economic times. Current inflation and economic uncertainty would indicate that growth of private brands should be outpacing that of name brand products, but that’s not the case.

Become a World-Class CMO [CHECKLIST]

As a new CMO, you are expected to be well organized, strategic and decisive — focused on business outcomes. Think of your first 100 days as the springboard from which you develop and execute your long-term vision.

Marketing Predictions 2022: Forging New Connections [eBOOK]

What does the future of marketing look like? CMOs face a perfect storm of budget cuts, operational disruption and social unrest. The ability to build new, vital connections with customers, employees and business partners is central to thriving across a range of unpredictable scenarios.

Time to get serious in 2022 ……..

A couple of questions came to mind regarding some key issues for US Hispanic & Multicultural advertising, marketing, media, public relations and research industry:

The 5 Biggest Threats To Agency New Business In 2022

The past couple of years have been a wild ride. However, even amid lingering concerns about Omicron and economic uncertainties, there’s a sense that the worst is behind us as we enter 2022.  by Mark Duval - The Duval Partnership

Sales and Marketing Alignment Fundamentals for Revenue Growth

As the process of buying and selling evolves, customer-facing roles change along with it. Sales and marketing teams have traditionally operated in silos, resulting in tension and preventing each team from fully executing their jobs.

Reversing the decline in advertising effectiveness

Advertising has always battled for attention. But what if there were more than one type of attention? And what should we be doing as advertisers to capture it today?

12 predictions for 2022

From creativity to platform regulation, ‘Metamania’ to the golden ‘square’ of marketing, the WFA team share their predictions for the marketing industry in 2022.

Inventing ‘Hispanic’ [PODCAST]

Do Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, and Cubans share an identity? The answer wasn’t necessarily clear before 1980. That’s when the Census Bureau introduced a pair of new terms, Hispanic and Latino, to its decennial count. The addition was the result of years of advocacy and negotiation: Being counted on the census meant the potential for far more government action, yet the broad category oversimplified the identities of an immense and diverse group.

How “easy to pay” fuels brand growth

The objective of marketing is to make it easier for people to choose the marketed brand. The basic recipe for brand growth is easy to mind, easy to find, and easy to pay. And of the three perhaps the most important is easy to pay.  By Nigel Hollis

2021 Hispanic Market Thought Leaders available for FREE DOWNLOAD

HispanicAd presents our 8th edition of the Hispanic Market Thought Leaders.  Every edition we strive to cover important marketing topics in our Industry and highlight The Top Marketing executives for their contributions to our Industry.  The 2020 US Census is our main research tool in demonstrating once again the importance, vibrancy and influence our Hispanic Consumers have in todays marketplace.

2021 Hispanic Market Overview Report- DOWNLOAD for FREE in association with Adam R Jacobson are proud to announce the availability of the 2021 Hispanic Market Overview - titled “Achieving New Heights”

The OUCH! Factor™ Report 2021 [REPORT]

The hidden cost of pitching revealed.

Consumers Are Living In One Big Video World: Let’s Join Them

For decades, people opened up their T.V. guide and selected programs from a handful of channels. Today viewers pick their favorite content from a variety of apps and screens, any time they want.  By Laura Molen – President / Advertising & Partnerships at NBCUniversal

ANA to probe Programmatic Media Buying

The ANA named an alliance of three partners to collaboratively conduct an in-depth study of the programmatic media buying ecosystem, which it has described as lacking transparency and hobbled by mind-numbing complexity.

The impact of trust in consumer relationships [PODCAST]

Trust is becoming more important to the retail experience, and the pandemic era has only magnified the opportunity retailers have to build trust with consumers.

How brands can adapt to the changing face of targeting

For any brand, regardless of industry or region, consumers should be priority No. 1. It’s true that sales are any company’s end goal, but sales—and generating them—depend on consumers who are receptive to what a brand has to offer. And when it comes to brand building, marketers need to be able to drive engagement, awareness and consideration among people who aren’t already customers.

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