Victor Paredes named Executive Director of Cultural Strategy at Collage Group

Collage Group announced that Victor Paredes has joined the team as Executive Director of Cultural Strategy. Paredes is a proven expert in inclusive marketing and advertising and will leverage his expertise in combination with Collage’s proprietary data and insights in support of members’ objectives to unleash the power of culture to drive brand growth.

Guidelines for Diverse Media Suppliers

The ANA and the 4A’s unveiled a comprehensive list of guidelines designed to help diverse media suppliers improve and strengthen their partnerships with marketers and agencies.

The Luxury of Strategy

Loudmouth marketing weasels like me are always going off on the need for advertisers to abandon their addiction to short term-ism and focus their attention on the long term imperative of building their brands.  By Bob Hoffman

Effects of “Recession” On Brand Loyalty

While the Unites States has not officially declared a ”recession,” nearly seventy percent (68%) of consumers believe a recession has already arrived, according to a new survey conducted by
Brand Keys, Inc., the New York-based brand loyalty and emotional engagement research consultancy. The current survey examined loyalty levels in 39 B2C and B2B categories.

2022 HMC HISPANIC MARKET GUIDE explores Hispanic Diversity, Cultural Blind Spots, Inclusive Advertising & Media Consumption [DOWNLOAD for FREE]

The Hispanic Marketing Council (HMC) has released its 2022 Hispanic Market Guide, the most comprehensive resource on the U.S. Hispanic market. Hispanics are impacting the multicultural mainstream at a faster pace than anticipated, shifting American culture and purchase behaviors. Brands who make continuous efforts to connect with the multicultural market are seeing results that demonstrate the economic power of Hispanics.

Cannes Lions 2022: The Attention Economy has landed

Sitting neatly at the intersection of media magic and creative success is the debate around attention, which was a topic du jour from day one. Advertisers are increasingly keen to create ads that capture and retain attention. Publishers want to show they have the environments that deliver high-quality attention. And Agencies want to place ads where they can generate the most attention for their clients’ money.

Timidity is limiting your ROI

From a budgeting perspective, global marketers planned to increase their spending across all channels as 2022 got underway, with significant emphasis on select digital channels like social media, video and display ads.

Marketing facing “worst-ever” talent crisis

Nearly half (48%) of all advertisers, agencies, ad tech companies and media owners think the industry is facing its “worst-ever crisis” when it comes to talent, topping off at 54% among agencies, according to new research from WFA and global media advisors, MediaSense.

PROCUREMENT still a thorny issue for Marketers & Agencies [REPORT]

There’s good news and bad news in the world of marketing procurement, according to a new report from the ANA.

Karina Cerda promoted to EVP of Global Marketing at Entravision

Entravision announced the promotion of Karina Cerda to Executive Vice President of Global Marketing. In this newly created position, Ms. Cerda will spearhead a company-wide effort to bring Entravision’s collective global marketing strategies together under a single unified umbrella.

The business case for marketing balance

In tough economic times, it can be tempting to double down on immediate revenue wins. Even though it may seem counter-intuitive, now is exactly when you should be investing in your top-of-funnel marketing.

Majority of Marketers Are Using Multi-Touch Attribution for Marketing Analytics [REPORT]

MMA Global, the association devoted to architecting the future of marketing, released its annual State of Attribution Marketer Benchmark Report. For the first time since MMA Global released the survey results in 2016, over half of marketers (53%) are using multi-touch attribution (MTA) to track and optimize marketing performance. Adoption has risen steadily over the past six years, dipping slightly in 2021 and rebounding dramatically in 2022 with a nearly 33% increase.

Guidelines for Measuring Influencer Marketing [REPORT]

The ANA introduced the industry’s first set of guidelines for measuring influencer marketing to help advertisers overcome a challenge that has thwarted them for several years.

Product demos in advertising; how to get them right

Building your product into the story of an ad, or finding creative ways to convey the brand experience, help persuade and build affinity for your brand.

Clock Watchers No More

“Companies Want Lawyers to Kill the Billable Hour," reads the headline in a recent issue of the Australia Financial Review. Around the same time, the marketing publication Campaign ran an article titled "Wary Marketers Sour on Billable Hours." Could it be that the hourly is rate is finally, at long last, marked with an expiration date?

It’s true: You really do need to spend money to make money

Advertising is a commitment. It can also be expensive. And while we know that brands are prioritizing their brand awareness efforts in the coming year, there isn’t a marketer on the planet who’s not focused on the tangible returns that their spend delivers. And given that focus, it’s not uncommon for brands to pull back when the returns aren’t there. Somewhat counterintuitively, however, that’s usually not a good strategy.

Why the agency selection process is broken – and how to fix it

Something is rotten in the state of advertiser-agency relationships – indeed, several things are rotten – and this is manifested most clearly in the broken agency selection process. Reviewing prospective agency partners is now too onerous, costly, and time-consuming on both sides. Selection criteria are dominated by costs saved rather than value delivered. In many cases, there’s been an erosion in trust between advertisers and their agency partners.

2/3 of Global Marketers lack confidence in their DATA

To spot sudden, disruptive changes in customer and market behavior, modern marketers need high-velocity data marketing, according to a new report by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council and GfK. These data systems need to be agile and adaptable with the ability to acquire real-time, relevant data signals and close the gap between data, insights and action.

Traditional Advertising is Alive and Well

“Digital marketing is the future.” Whoever the first person was to make that statement wasn’t wrong.

What Can Hollywood Teach Marketers About The Importance of Diversity?

The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) has been telling advertisers that diversity and inclusion will lead to brand growth. The ANA’s Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing (AIMM) has developed new research tools that have proven that inclusive content makes advertising three times more effective. Unfortunately, not everyone has gotten the message yet. But what about America’s pastime– MOVIES. What can we learn about consumers through an analysis of how movies perform? Nobody is forced to watch a movie, right? So, it stands to reason that people will prefer movies that resonate with them.  By Roberto Orci

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