“TELEMUNDO LOCAL ACADEMY” launches at Cal Sate Northridge

The Telemundo Station Group, part of NBCUniversal Local – a division that includes 43 NBC/Telemundo stations in the U.S. and Puerto Rico and six regional sports networks – announced California State University, Northridge (CSUN) is its fourth and newest partner for the group’s “Telemundo Local Academy” journalism training program. The one-year program kicks off at CSUN in September 2022.

Immigrant Archive Project Podcasts launch

The Immigrant Archive Project and its founder Tony Hernandez expands their platform to podcasting.

How Living Abroad Helps You Develop a Clearer Sense of Self

In today’s increasingly globalized world, more and more people are choosing to live, work and study abroad—and this trend appears to be a good thing: social science studies have shown that international experiences can enhance creativity, reduce intergroup bias, and promote career success.

FIU scholarship to honor Gustavo Godoy and support next generation of broadcast journalists

Florida International University (FIU) and its Department of Journalism + Media announced the establishment of the Gustavo Godoy Scholarship for Excellence in Journalism in honor of the award-winning and legendary newsman.

Women of Color in Business: Cross-Generational [REPORT]

Titled Untapped Women of Color: The Talent Force Multiplier, the new release, and third in five planned annual surveys, is unique in its analysis of the opinions and capabilities of women desk workers and students across four generations.

Easy Solves, The Wrong Approach To D&I [PODCAST]

In this episode of The New Mainstream podcast, Whitney Dunlap Fowler, founder, A Touch of Whit and Insights In Color and Shazia Ginai, CEO, Neuro-Insight and board chair, Colour of Research (CORe), share their experiences in the market research industry, and how intentionality is key to driving diversity.

General Mills invests $15 Million in Funds for Minority and Female Entrepreneurs

General Mills announced its venture capital arm, 301 INC, will invest a combined $15 million into two early-stage venture capital funds, Fearless Fund and Supply Change Capital. These investments are part of General Mills’ commitment to standing for good and promoting racial and gender equity in representation through economic opportunity for minority and female food entrepreneurs.

Angélica Vale wins Gracie® Award for Individual Achievement in Local Radio

Cali 93.9 Los Angeles On-Air Morning Show Talent Angelica Vale has been named the 2022 Gracie Award winner for Individual Achievement in Local Radio.

Multicultural Women in Media: Creating Space to be Seen and Heard [PODCAST]

We will share strategies for how to confidently overcome the challenges of sexism, ageism, racism, the fear of failure, as well as the lack of representation, funding, and support in their fields. These trailblazing female entrepreneurs will not only share their stories, but also how they're using their trending publisher and creator platforms to share the stories of other female entrepreneurs who are working hard, loving hard, and creating a sisterhood to help break down barriers in their industries.

How Do We Empower Latina Women at the Workplace?

I’ve been reflecting about the role Latina women have played in both my personal and professional development. Growing up in Puerto Rico, I was surrounded by fierce, passionate and unapologetic women. My grandmother, who is the matriarch of the family, raised three daughters alone during the ’70s, when it was uncommon for women in the Caribbean and Latin culture to be divorced. She went onto becoming a senior manager at Sears, a first for a Hispanic woman in the retail industry, in charge of a whole department that constantly exceeded its own sales records.  By Camille Villafañe

The 3 Things Employees Really Want: Career, Community, Cause

Strike up a conversation about work values, and it won’t be long before someone brings up a pyramid — a famous psychologist’s best-known theory. Abraham Maslow’s big idea was that we all have a hierarchy of needs: once our basic physiological and safety needs are fulfilled, we seek love and belongingness, then self-esteem and prestige, and finally self-actualization. But that pyramid was built more than half a century ago, and psychologists have recently concluded that it’s in need of renovation.

Young women are out-earning young men in several U.S. cities

Women in the United States continue to earn less than men, on average. Among full-time, year-round workers in 2019, women’s median annual earnings were 82% those of men.

Rise in Women on Boards of VC-Backed Private Companies

Him For Her and Crunchbase released the third annual Study of Gender Diversity on Private Company Boards which revealed that women now hold 14% of seats on the boards of the most heavily funded private companies.

The Immigrant Archive Project collects the stories of coming to call the U.S. home [PODCAST]

The Immigrant Archive Project, a collection of oral histories from the nation's immigrants, will be housed at the Library of Congress. NPR's Debbie Elliott speaks to archive founder Tony Hernandez.


FACE (Facts About Cuban Exiles) handed its 2022 Awards in Miami, at the Coral Gables Country Club this morning, where the highly respected organization honored advertising industry leader Daisy Expósito-Ulla; nationally recognized financial consulting, accounting and litigation business figure Antonio “Tony” Argiz; and publisher-philanthropist, attorney Alberto Ibargüen.

Women Are More Likely to Consider Buying from Brands with Good Track Records on DEI

Brands today are keenly focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives both internally—with strategies to ensure a more equitable and diverse workforce—and externally, with consumer-facing initiatives to create products and advertising that are more inclusive of a diverse America. And a big part of America’s diversity is female.

The Immigrant Archive Project To Be Inducted Into The US Library of Congress

The United States Library of Congress requests permission to include the Immigrant Archive Project (IAP) website, in the Handbook of Latin American Studies (HLAS) Web Archive.  This is a significant honor for Tony Hernandez, IAP founder, who has throughout the last 10 years, been dedicated to capturing Immigrant stories as part of his efforts to ensure we understand the immigrant experience and its vital contributions to American society.

Arrive and Thrive – Impactful practices for women in leadership

There’s a big difference between being in a position of leadership and thriving in one—especially when it comes to women leaders.

Immigrant Archive Project (IAP) to form part of United States Library of Congress.

The Immigrant Archive Project has been identified as a historically and culturally significant website by the United States Library of Congress and has thus been designated for preservation.  The Immigrant Archive Project has been selected for archiving and will form part of the Latin American Studies (HLAS) Web Archive at the United States Library of Congress.

Cynthia Cardona Elected as President of the Lilly Foundation

The Eli Lilly and Company Foundation, Inc. has elected Cynthia Cardona as its president. Additionally, Lilly has selected Cardona to serve as senior director of social impact for the company.

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