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Out-of-Home Advertising Is the Ultimate Contextual Medium

Out of home (OOH) may be advertising’s oldest medium, but time and time again, OOH has proven resilient in a dynamic ad industry that has evolved greatly over many decades. Today’s OOH is as hyper-focused as any highly contextual media channel that uses data to inform campaign objectives to reach distinct audiences. Recognized historically by consumers for larger-than-life physicality, OOH offers advertisers much more with an ever-expanding array of formats and placements that reach busy consumers with relevant messages on their path to purch

Increased Interest in Advanced Addressable Direct Mail for Leading Brands [REPORT]

Interpublic Group’s Matterkind and MAGNA revealed ROI to Sender, a new report that lists the best practices for running a direct mail campaign and explores the value of new product developments like Advanced Addressable Direct Mail (AADM).

How AI Can Shape the Future of Direct Mail Marketing

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to gain traction across various industries, marketers have been taking notice. While this technology is often discussed in relation to digital tactics, such as chatbots on company websites, it can also be incorporated into direct mail marketing efforts.

Direct Mail Still Effective with Hispanics

The Yankelovich Multicultural Marketing Study of 2006 revealed that Hispanics were three to five times more likely than the general market to respond to direct mail. Is that still the case now that we are firmly entrenched in the digital age?  By Karla Fernandez Parker – Senior Marketing Executive, Branding and Advertising

How Digital Integration Helps Direct Mail Deliver

It takes a concerted effort to develop a successful integrated marketing campaign. Every channel plays its part in driving consumers toward making a purchase and beyond. A campaign’s performance ultimately comes down to nailing the right time and place to deliver it.

41% of FSI coupon redeemers “repeat” – buy same product again

Are coupon redeemers only chasing after this week’s bargains – or do they represent a longer-term opportunity for brands?

How Will 5G Change the Future of Advertising? Look to OOH for Answers.

While the year of mobile is long gone, the era of 5G and the decade of connectivity are only beginning.  Connectivity in marketing is a concept that applies to how your campaigns work with and inform each other across channels, but it also refers to how you connect your brand’s message to your audience.

The Impact of Coupons on the Purchase Journey

Though some people prefer to enter the supermarket armed with a detailed grocery list, an attractive coupon can trigger impulse purchases, and encourage consumers to buy something they may have otherwise not.

Mobile Offers in Convenience Stores [REPORT]

Each year as the Koupon team begins to write our State of the Industry report, 2018 SOI blog creative.jpgwe look back on the year prior and gather what we’ve learned, what our brands and retailers have accomplished, and what the data is telling us about the future of retail and the impact of mobile offers.  The numbers from 2017 are in and the data rings loud and clear – the c-store industry is growing, and mobile offers are playing an important role. See our press release here.

Why Do Digital Marketers Overlook Direct Mail?

How many of you are purely digital marketers?  How many of you have ever tried direct mail?  

Many Grocery Shoppers Still Look at Circulars to Find Deals

Grocery shoppers scan a number of channels to find the best way to save a buck or two. And while digital is a big component of how they find and research such deals, many still take the traditional route—circulars.

2K17 Coupon Intelligence [REPORT]

Consumers are becoming increasingly adept at integrating both print and digital coupons as they plan their purchases.

Americans Love to Save Despite Strong Economic Outlook

Recent Valassis research indicates a continued desire to save, with 90 percent of U.S. shoppers reporting they use coupons, obtaining them from a variety of online and offline sources.

Spanish as a Marketing Tool in Direct-to-Consumer Promotions

Are you thinking of promoting in Spanish but feel daunted by the complexities?  irect-to-consumer promotions in Spanish present challenges to the U.S. marketer — scarcity of quality Spanish copywriters (as opposed to translators), misconceptions about Spanish “dialects,” misinformation about the market, conflicting evidence about assimilation and preferred language, and so on.  By Daniel A. González

10 Best Tools for Building a Shopper Marketing Program

Establishing a shopper marketing program can be incredibly difficult for organizations both big and small. But with these ANA tools and templates, available exclusively to ANA members, marketers can make their shopper marketing programs faster, easier, and more efficient for everyone involved.  By Arielle Feger, associate manager, marketing knowledge center

US Consumers Slow to Let Go of Paper Coupons

US consumers have never completely switched over to using digital coupons.

How Hispanics Use Coupons

Coupons have become more accessible than ever to consumers thanks to digital and mobile tools. And US Hispanic internet users overindex for every activity related to coupons, discounts and deals—digital or not—compared with internet users overall, according to a survey from direct marketing company Valassis conducted in Q3 2016.

Insights on How to Influence Consumers Along Their Path to Purchase Online and Offline [REPORT]

Overall, the study found that coupon use is holding steady with 90 percent of consumers obtaining them from a variety of online and offline sources. This finding is consistent across audiences, including various generations and demographic segments, such as millennials, multicultural consumers and parents.

Can outdoor take advantage of digital’s disarray?

The Outdoor Advertising Association of America may be hitting back against the shortcomings of digital advertising, but maybe it needs to play to its strengths and get advertisers to recognize the medium for its inherent advantages not try to transcend them.

Savings Mindset of Multicultural Consumers [INFOGRAPHIC]

A recent study by Valassis found that multicultural consumers are more likely to spend over two hours each week looking for coupons and deals than your average consumer. Additionally, over 50 percent of the multicultural consumers surveyed said they use print coupons, with the new report showing how they embrace technology to help them save.

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