Canela Media to amplify Hispanic Political Engagement

Locality, a local video solutions provider, announced a partnership with Canela Media, the leading technology and innovation-driven digital media company for the Latino community. Locality will act as the Hispanic-media company’s exclusive political ad sales arm and oversee political campaign engagement strategies targeted toward Hispanic audiences this election year.

2023 Hispanic Content, Data & Social Report – Available for download FREE

HispanicAd offers its annual report on key Content usage strategies, along with the importance of using Data strategies to engage the US Hispanic Consumer. Social Marketing strategies are reviewed for their performance value.

AI Can Save Time, But It’s Not Saving Advertising

By James Avery Advertising growth swells year by year, with or without artificial intelligence (AI). At face value, AI is a statistical model that predicts what will come next and like other tech innovations, it can certainly help optimize processes faster; but it won't necessarily revolutionize the advertising industry. The reliance on AI today is obvious in how quickly it has been placed on a pedestal of being a saving grace within the advertising industry.

Artificial Intelligence: Innovation in the Digital Video Era

In the ever-evolving landscape of the digital age, video production has undeniably become a foundational cornerstone of communication. Whether you're a content creator, a business, or an organization with a message to convey, video has revolutionized the way we share information and connect with audiences worldwide. But what's making this revolution even more exciting? The seamless integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into video content production.  By Felix M. Mendez = Principal / Executive Producer - eContent Digital

Culture & Trends: Moving at the speed of culture [REPORT]

This year, we turned our focus to the rapid technological changes in creation and consumption that are enabling creators and their fans to put these individual perspectives front and center. For our latest report, we conducted surveys in 14 countries and analyzed hundreds of trends to better understand how creative tools are being used to offer new means of expression and produce moments that resonate in culture today.

Loop Media announces Latino Content Channels for Businesses

Loop Media, Inc. , a free streaming television media company for businesses which provides access torestaurants, retail businesses, office buildings, doctors’ offices, airports, bars and college campuses, announced it has added the Mexican Restaurant Channel, the Mood Boost Latin Channel and the Cinco de Mayo Channel (where every day can be a celebration) to its Latino-focused channels on the Company’s Loop TV platform.

Can Mega TV Buyer Save Americano Media?

According to El Nuevo Herald, the McClatchy Co.-owned Spanish-language daily newspaper serving Miami, Americano Media has “run out of money” and has been unable to make payroll since May.  By Adam Jacobson – Radio TV Business Report

How Commercial Intelligence Can Revolutionize Decision-Making

Today's marketers have a tough job. For decades, they have focused on delivering the right message at the right time to the right customer to drive sales and performance while still seeking to answer a lingering question: "Is my advertising working?"

The Future of Consumer Ownership

When it comes to technology and data, and how it's used, companies have historically controlled the levers. However, with all the recent and upcoming industry changes, there are cultural shifts afoot. Many industry leaders believe consumers will be in more powerful positions than in the past, having more control over their data and their purchases.

2022 Hispanic Content, Data & Social Report – Available for download FREE

HispanicAd offers its annual report on key Content usage strategies, along with the importance of using Data strategies to engage the US Hispanic Consumer. Social Marketing strategies are reviewed for their performance value.


On the strength of compelling matchups, world-class football, and the return of the United States, the first week of Telemundo Deportes’ Spanish-language coverage of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 has delivered record viewership across Telemundo, Peacock and Telemundo’s streaming platforms. Telemundo is the exclusive Spanish-language media rights holder to the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ in the U.S.

Guide to diversity and representation in media planning and buying [REPORT]

Developed by the WFA Diversity Task Force with the support of GARM – the Global Alliance for Responsible Media, Diversity & Representation: Focuson Media Planning and Buying highlights four key areas where bias can occur and proposes questions and approaches that can be used to ensure progress. It also pulls together key resources that can be used to tackle any gaps or areas of concern.

2/3 of Global Marketers lack confidence in their DATA

To spot sudden, disruptive changes in customer and market behavior, modern marketers need high-velocity data marketing, according to a new report by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council and GfK. These data systems need to be agile and adaptable with the ability to acquire real-time, relevant data signals and close the gap between data, insights and action.

Relationship between brand cultural relevance and the amount consumers are willing to pay for brands [REPORT]

The study, “Cultural Relevance Drivers: Understanding the Building Blocks of Brand Relevance,” reveals that brands clearly benefit from cultural involvement even to the extent of people willing to invest more in those that are perceived as more culturally relevant

49% of Marketers say they are looking to contextual advertising to replace cookies

GumGum published the results of a survey that found 49% of brand marketers are looking to contextual advertising to replace cookies in their marketing efforts.

New Advertiser And Consumer Studies On Media Attentiveness And Ad Skipping

Attention measurement is a new trend sweeping through media circles. The Advertising Research Foundation defines advertising attentiveness as “the degree to which those exposed to the advertising are focused on it.”

Here are dragons. What is your data map not telling you?

People love to claim that their marketing is data-driven. It makes them sound smart and fiscally responsible. But do we really have all the data we need for a brand building campaign? And could bigger opportunities be hiding off the data map?  By Nigel Hollis

25% of People Will Spend At Least One Hour Per Day in the Metaverse by 2026

Gartner defines a metaverse as a collective virtual shared space, created by the convergence of virtually enhanced physical and digital reality. It is persistent, providing enhanced immersive experiences, as well as device independent and accessible through any type of device, from tablets to head-mounted displays.

Visions of the Internet in 2035 [REPORT]

Asked to ‘imagine a better world online,’ experts hope for a ubiquitous – even immersive – digital environment that promotes fact-based knowledge, offers better defense of individuals’ rights, empowers diverse voices and provides tools for technology breakthroughs and collaborations to solve the world’s wicked problems

What does the future hold for audience data?

Audience data is very much a hot topic across the media industry right now. At this year’s World Audiences Summit, we spoke to a panel of emerging media leaders from the UK about how this data is being used by agencies and advertisers, and what they want now and in the future.

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