NTERTAIN joins forces with Chemistry Cultura

NTERTAIN announced a joint venture with Chemistry Cultura, a minority-certified marketing agency with clients including Carnival, Comcast, Heineken, Microsoft and NFL (a joint client of NTERTAIN). The two companies offer disparate products and services, but combined go-to-market with a 360° offering helping brands engage the booming U.S. Latino marketplace.

2023 U.S. Latinos in Journalism [REPORT]

The 2023 LDC-NAHJ U.S. Latinos in Journalism Report focuses on U S Latino representation in the American English-language journalism industry The report aims to raise awareness, promote the inclusion of Latino journalists and executives, and drive industry growth The report reveals alarming gaps in U S Latino representation in broadcast news, cable news, print newspapers, and digital news.

The Future of Journalism [REPORT]

Despite the challenges journalism is facing — AI, misinformation, even the business models on which it was built — the next generation of journalists are bringing a commitment to truth, justice and integrity to their work.

Facts on Latinos in the U.S.

There were 62.5 million Latinos in the United States in 2021, accounting for approximately 19% of the total U.S. population. In 1980, with a population of 14.8 million, Hispanics made up just 7% of the total U.S. population.

Realities of Latino Representation in TV & Film: New LDC Report Unveiled [REPORT]

The Latino Donor Collaborative (LDC) released the 2022 Full-Year LDC Latinos in Media Report©, an update to LDC’s 2022 Latinos in Media Report in partnership with Nielsen.

Raúl Alarcón to be inducted into AAF – Advertising Hall of Fame

Raúl Alarcón is a veteran of the entertainment industry and the chief architect behind the creation of one of the nation’s largest Hispanic-owned and operated multi-media companies. Today, that entity, Spanish Broadcasting System (“SBS”), caters to millions of listeners and viewers and thousands of advertisers seeking an entrée into this burgeoning market sector.


During this International Women’s Month, a “big idea” from one of our colleagues at the agency was quickly embraced and, with a lot of work, brought to life by a team: Let’s celebrate trailblazing Latinas who have had, and still have, an impact in our industry. And, what better time to do it than this month in which women are widely recognized?  By Daisy Expósito-Ulla

NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises inspires Latinas to ‘CHANGE THE GAME’

In celebration of Women’s History Month, NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises unveiled a powerful new campaign titled “Change the Game” (Cambia el Juego), under the company’s award-winning corporate social responsibility initiative, Unstoppable Women (Mujeres Imparables). The new multiplatform initiative seeks to inspire, inform, and ignite a community of unstoppable Latino women to shift their perspective and “change the game” of life.

Immigrant Archive Project Podcasts launch

The Immigrant Archive Project and its founder Tony Hernandez expands their platform to podcasting.

Audible launches Audible Latino

Audible, Inc. announced the launch of Audible Latino – an integrated, multicultural destination offering U.S. Hispanic customers a catalog of Spanish-language and culturally relevant English-language spoken-word content on audible.com.

Is Hollywood More Like Hollywouldn’t For Latinos?

The opening monologue for the 2018 BET Awards hosted by Jamie Foxx reminded me to ask the question. You see, his comedic open was filled with acknowledgements and celebrations of the major entertainment wins for the African American community. From Black Panther to Michael B. Jordan, Jaime walked me down a list of TV and film achievements that were led by African American artists. He commented on how these achievements have pushed the culture forward and continue to expand on the African American narrative. Naturally, I began to consider the notable Latino achievements in entertainment. Where were they, and did those forward our cultural? While it seems there have been changes, has our narrative or our image in this country actually advanced? This is especially important for the state of the U.S. Hispanic media industry right now. So much of our future depends on an expanded understanding and showcase of who we are. Given the time of year and the industry I’m in, the first place I thought to look for signs of how Latinos faire in entertainment was to the swath of programming introduced at Upfronts. How would you score the Hispanic offerings shared by the various networks during the recent television Uupfront presentations? Forward progression or running in place? Let’s look at where we stand in Spanish- and English-language content.  By Joe Bernard / Chief Revenue Officer & Partner – NGL Collective

Sex sells. As do guns

By Gonzalo López Martí – Creative director, etc / LMMiami.com

  • You know what they say: in Hollywood nobody knows anything.
  • The line alludes to the inability of even the most experienced moviemakers to know in advance whether a movie will be a box office hit.
  • The history of Tinseltown is littered with flops with the best talent and the fattest budgets, the highest screening scores and even the best reviews.
  • The art & craft of making movies, not unlike that of making ads, is an obscure art for odd people.

Gracias Sugarman

Every now in then in your life you need to take some time off and travel along the mystic side of the river trail for whatever reason.  My case, a full knee replacement last week, a TV and an iPhone.  Watching TV with an elevated leg that I was icing aggressively after therapy, I came across a documentary on Starz Network about a 1970s trovador out of Detroit of Mexican decent called Rodriguez that frequented the local dive bars and belted out lyric and tunes that motivated the day that would make Bob Dylan look “more’ than twice.  By Gene Bryan / HispanicAd

Juan Camilo Pinzon signs with LatinWE

Film and television director, writer, and producer, Juan Camilo Pinzon, signed an exclusive contract with Latin World Entertainment,

Kiki Melendez’ Journey of A Female Comic Set to Open at NYC’s AMC in Times Square

The film received great audience feedback and opened to a sold out show at Universal City AMC on Friday May 2nd. It will also open in Puerto Rico’s Fine Arts Theaters by the end of May.

Three-faceted music: Crossbreeding, Syncretism and Hybridization in LatAM (16th to 20th Centuries).

  Three-faceted music: Crossbreeding, Syncretism and Hybridization in Latin America, offering a visual and acoustic perspective on the indigenous, Hispanic and African cultural roots of Latin American music.

Ogilvy creates Planning and Measurement Model for Branded Entertainment.

Measuring the effectiveness of branded entertainment programs is the goal of a new model introduced by Ogilvy & Mather. The model is being endorsed by leading production and broadcast companies who plan to adapt the approach to support measurement of their branded entertainment properties. VIEW PRESENTATION Here.

DC-7, The Roberto Clemente Story

At the legendary Puerto Rican Traveling Theater! The Society of the Educational Arts(SEA), under the artistic direction of Dr. Manuel A. Morán, announced the comeback of the smash hit, DC-7, The Roberto Clemente Story. This powerful musical, written and directed by Luis Caballero, will now take place at the legendary Off – Broadway Theatre – The Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre beginning February 14th 2012.

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