Three-faceted music: Crossbreeding, Syncretism and Hybridization in LatAM (16th to 20th Centuries).

Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) and the Consortium for the Commemoration of the Bicentenary of the 1812 Constitution, in partnership with the Cádiz Provincial Authority, have organized the exhibition A tres bandas. Mestizaje, sincretismo e hibridación en el espacio sonoro hispanoamericano (Three-faceted music: Crossbreeding, Syncretism and Hybridization in Latin America (16th to 20th Centuries), offering a visual and acoustic perspective on the indigenous, Hispanic and African cultural roots of Latin American music through audiovisual materials and instruments from the three cultures and their combinations.

The exhibition, curated by Albert Recasens, is based on a material, acoustic and visual narrative of the musical admixture seen in Latin America from the 16th Century up to the present day, attesting to the huge wealth generated by this interethnic convergence. The novel aspect of the structure of A tres bandas is that it focuses on music and is based on the visual and scenographic elements which frame, suggest or emanate from it. The aim was to create an attractive and interactive exhibition where the public would be the true protagonists. The confluence of various disciplines, such as music, theatre and design, thus make it a truly innovative show.






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