Most Teens Aspire to Own a Home Someday but Report Significant Financial and Homeownership Knowledge Gaps

A new survey by Junior Achievement USA and Fannie Mae shows most teens (88%) would like to own a home someday. The survey reflects that most teens (85%) believe "owning a home" is part of "the good life," compared to nearly as many adults (87%) based on Fannie Mae's Q4 2020 National Housing Survey®.

Parents Are Spending More on Back-to-School Shopping than Last Year

The new poll that shows 45 percent of parents are spending at least $200 per child this year – compared to only 29 percent in 2021. And 27 percent will spend more than $300 per child.

Baby Boomers Nearly 9 Times Wealthier Than Millennials

Wealth is the value of assets owned minus the liabilities (debts) owed. As described in a previous report on household wealth in 2017, the new U.S. Census Bureau report and detailed tables on household wealth in 2019 show similarly wide variations across demographic and socioeconomic groups but also detail generational wealth differences for the first time.

Nielsen Receives Governmental Regulatory Approval For Proposed Transaction with Consortium of Private Investment Funds

Nielsen Holdings plc (NYSE: NLSN) announced it has received all necessary governmental regulatory approvals required to complete its previously announced proposed transaction with a consortium of private investment funds ("Consortium") led by Evergreen Coast Capital Corp., an affiliate of Elliott Investment Management L.P., and Brookfield Business Partners L.P., together with institutional partners.

Underspending in 50% of Media Plans Jeopardizing Maximum ROI [REPORT]

According to the report, about half of marketers are not spending enough in a channel to get maximum ROI. While a poor ROI might cause brands to pull back on spending, Nielsen found that spend often needs to be higher to break through and drive returns. Nielsen's "50-50-50 Gap" states that while 50% of media plans are underinvested by a median of 50%, ROI can be improved 50% with the ideal budget.

Hispanics Aren’t Prepared for Retirement

Social Security is not enough. Anyone currently living on a monthly Social Security check can attest to that. Unfortunately, most Americans don’t fully grasp that reality until they reach retirement age. This problem is even more pronounced in the Hispanic community, which lags other groups in retirement savings.

Latino’s Finances Focus on Family and Closing the Wealth Gaps [REPORT]

The report shows Latinos and Hispanics prioritize providing financial support for their loved ones. It also found that in spite of challenges faced in access to financial services, Latino investors have charted successful paths to wealth.

NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises extends “NUESTRAS FINANZAS” campaign

NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises is again bringing awareness to Financial Literacy Month through the next phase of its national Nuestras Finanzas (Our Finances) campaign to continue to empower the U.S. Hispanic community with information and resources about key aspects of financial literacy.

Retail Spending Continues as Spending on Activities Rises

U.S. consumers have started to spend on in-person experiences again, but the pull-back on general merchandise retail spending that is expected to coincide with it has not played out. At least, not yet. Experiential spending reached 91% of 2019 levels, as of the end of 2021, but general merchandise retail spending remained elevated 19% above pre-pandemic levels, according to The NPD Group. Some diminished demand has been evident, with retail unit sales declining in nine of the first ten weeks of 2022, when compared to last year. However, revenue rose in excess of 5% in four of the same ten weeks.


According to a recent study, African-Americans and Latinos are grossly under-represented in the financial services industry and the representation of these groups is expected to drastically decline if hiring and retention efforts are not made a priority by banks and other financial institutions.

What’s the Most Effective Means of Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is rapidly gaining popularity among brand marketers, and according to April 2016 research, nearly three-quarters of US marketers cite ongoing ambassadorships as one of the most effective uses of influencers.

Latin Music Bands Rock Chicago

The summer music scene kicked into high gear this weekend during one of the nation’s largest Latin alternative music festivals, Ruido Fest.

2014′s Best and Worst Cities for Hispanic Entrepreneurs

Equally as impressive, Hispanics opened businesses — many owned by self-employed individuals — at a rate more than twice the national average of 18 percent between 2002 and 2007, according to the most recent U.S. Census Bureau figures.

Challenges Hispanic Americans face in preparing for Retirement.

A new report released demonstrates that Hispanic Americans face greater challenges in obtaining a secure retirement than the average population. The paper, prepared by the Hispanic Institute think-tank and the Americans for Secure Retirement (ASR) coalition, finds that the unique challenges include a general lack of retirement preparation, less access to employer-sponsored retirement plans, lower levels of personal savings and inadequate financial literacy.

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