New Guidelines to help Marketers start investing in Diverse Media Suppliers

The ANA and the 4A’s released a new set of guidelines designed to help companies increase their advertising and marketing investments in diverse media suppliers.

2023 Hispanic Market Overview Report- DOWNLOAD for FREE in association with Adam R Jacobson are proud to announce the availability of the 2023 Hispanic Market Overview – titled “A Call For Full Inclusion”

Navigating the Beer Industry’s Crossroads: Balancing Erosion and Growth

In the realm of corporate America, the interplay between brand erosion and growth is an intricate dance that shapes the journey of iconic names like Budweiser and Bud Light. As we ponder the ever-evolving beer landscape, a powerful lesson surfaces — one that underscores the significance of embracing cultural trends for enduring, long-term growth. This perspective resonates deeply, especially for those of us devoted to multicultural communities.  By: Gabriela ‘Gaby’ Alcantara-Diaz, Founder, President of Semilla Multicultural, Inc.

2022 LDC U.S. Latino GDP Report [REPORT]

As a summary for the economic performance of Latinos, the 2020 U.S. Latino GDP is extraordinary. The total economic output (or GDP) of Latinos in the United States was $2.8trillion in 2020, up from $2.1 trillion in 2012, and $1.7 trillion in 2010. If Latinos living in the United States were an independent country, the U.S. Latino GDP would be the fifth largest GDP in the world, larger than the GDP's of the United Kingdom, India or France.

Soccer’s Next Frontier: Latinas

With the ninth edition of the FIFA Women’s World Cup taking place this summer in Australia and New Zealand, women and sports will once again be in the global spotlight.  By Natalie Boden - CEO and Founder, BODEN

Arguments for and against linguistic purity and its implications for marketing to Hispanics in the US.

Second to Mexico, the US has the second largest population of Spanish speakers (Tompson, 2021). Due to this extensive mix of cultures, there is a unique melding of languages. This has created many arguments for and against keeping the Spanish language in its separate and pure form, however, using an informal naturally evolved form of the Spanish language can benefit marketers by providing emotional appeals to reach a wider audience and bridge the cultural gap.  By Stephanie Snopek - Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication, School of Communication at Florida State University  

Cultivate Meaningful Growth – Empowering Your Business with Culture Marketing Strategies for Upwardly Mobile Hispanic Consumers

By Gaby Alcantara Diaz - Semilla According to Ipsos' findings on Hispanic wealth in America, Hispanics are gaining substantial wealth. Currently, one in five Hispanic adults is considered affluent, with a similar ratio observed among affluent individuals from the Gen Z population. This is in comparison to one in fifteen affluent boomers/seniors. Despite many of these households being raised in middle-class backgrounds, nearly one in four grew up in poverty. Nevertheless, they have achieved upward mobility, with their household spending surpassing their non-Hispanic white counterparts by 16% annually. In total, Hispanic households possess a staggering $12.8 trillion in net worth.

The New Latino Consumer: The impact of Afro-Latinos in the Hispanic/Latino consumer market

As one begins to explore the Hispanic identity, one realizes that there have been debates throughout history as to whether we should consider this group of individuals as a racial or ethnic group, when many members of this community identify as both. When it comes to Afro-Latinos, this unique subgroup of individuals holds a unique place in the Hispanic community for many reasons, one being the unique positioning they hold in being considered Black and Hispanic. Although we can conclude that not all individuals that identify as Afro-Latino may identify as Black, and vice versa, this unique subgroup of the Hispanic/Latino identity is one of the many “new” Latinos in the market.  By Derrick Raphael Pacheco - Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, Florida State University

Examining the Racial and Ethnic Diversity of Adults and Children

The 2020 Census shows the overall U.S. population in 2020 was more racially and ethnically diverse than it was a decade earlier. But how racially and ethnically diverse were different age groups within the population?

THE END OF AN ERA : Eduardo Caballero passes

Eduardo Caballero The Godfather of Hispanic Marketing & Radio in our Industry has passed. For those that work with Eduardo Caballero and those that knew Eduardo will be eternally impacted by the man, the professional, the pioneer and the Industry Advocate.

Lopez Negrete Communications Honored with Two Coveted District 10 Mosaic Awards

Lopez Negrete Communications was announced as a 2023 Mosaic Award winner by the American Advertising Federation Tenth District. The agency garnered an award in the Diversity and Inclusion Integrated Campaign category for their work on Walmart “Together Somos Más,” Unilever "Nos Inspiras Tú," and Mattress Firm "Hablemos de tu Descanso” and also won the Mosaic Talent in Advertising Content Creation.

Third Generation Latinx Brands and CPG: A New Era of Hispanic Marketing

The Latino community in the United States is changing rapidly, and this shift is reflected in the evolution of Latinx brands. The first generation of Latinx brands emerged in the 1980s, coinciding with the first large Hispanic immigration boom in the country. Many of these brands sold products from Latin America and marketed to Hispanic immigrants in their native language. Goya, established in New York City in the 1930s by a Spanish immigrant, is an example of a first-generation Latinx brand.

Jo Muse passes

Jo Muse was born on a red dirt road in Holly Springs, MS to a son and daughter of cotton farmers. Penniless and with the promise of fair wages by Henry Ford their family moved to Detroit MI when he was two. The family went from welfare to work in the auto business. What Jo learned from his parents was applying oneself through poverty, hard work, failure and misfortune. Upon moving to California he fulfilled his dream of creating his own advertising agency named Muse Cordero Chen, Inc., the first multicultural ad agency. Muse would go on to be one of the best known and awarded minority ad men in history.

HMC honors Molson Coors with 2023 Marketer of The Year

The Hispanic Marketing Council (HMC) announced that Molson Coors is the winner of the 2023 HMC Marketer of the Year Award, joining an elite list of organizations that have received the award, including AARP, Ford, Kellogg’s, McDonald’s, Nestlé, Sprint, State Farm, Toyota and Walmart. Molson Coors CMO Sofia Colucci will accept the award at HMC’s 2023 Annual Summit on April 27 in New York City and discuss how leading with in-culture Hispanic insights and investing in original multicultural work has paid dividends.

PepsiCo launches Greenhouse Accelerator Program: Juntos Crecemos Edition to Identify and Uplift Emerging Hispanic-Owned Food and Beverage Start-Ups

PepsiCo, Inc. announced the launch of its Greenhouse Accelerator Program: Juntos Crecemos (Together We Grow) Edition. This year marks the eighth year of the Greenhouse Accelerator program, and the first-ever Hispanic edition, which focuses on driving growth of emerging Hispanic-owned food and beverage businesses through collaboration and innovation.

The Marketing Community’s Support of Diverse Suppliers  [REPORT]

This research is based on a survey of the ANA database of certified diverse suppliers serving the marketing/advertising industry. We wanted to hear from these diverse suppliers to learn: how interest from the marketing/advertising community in supporting diverse suppliers changed in the past year; how investment from the marketing/advertising community changed in the past year; top challenges for diverse suppliers.

HMC announces Shortlist for the 2023 HMC Strategic Excellence Aawards

After a record number of entries, 16 US-based agencies representing 27 campaigns in seven categories have made the shortlist of finalists for the Hispanic Marketing Council (HMC) Strategic Excellence Awards, the only award competition of its kind recognizing strategic excellence in Hispanic marketing and advertising and cultural fluency*. Winners will be announced at the HMC 2023 Annual Summit in New York City on April 27.

The Hispanic Growth Engine Post Pandemic

A key responsibility of marketers is to identify growth opportunities. It would be easy to overlook the strength of the U.S. Hispanic market if you were not aware of their impressive economic performance before and during the pandemic. The Latino Donor Collaborative published their latest annual report that paints a powerful picture of resilience. It confirms the dominance of Latinos in the growth of the new mainstream economy.  By Roberto Orci

Black Americans are Pushing the Boundaries of American Media and Entertainment

Black Americans are key drivers of American popular culture both as creators and consumers. Their artistic endeavors and media consumption help drive the $720 Billion media and entertainment economy. As part of The Black Consumer Project, our four-part consumer research series, we looked at specifics of how Black Americans engage with media and entertainment.

When It Comes To Advertising, Multicultural Representation Is Not Enough

As we close another Super Bowl cycle, I've been approached by some media outlets asking my opinion about the lack of representation of multicultural consumers, mainly Hispanics, in this year's roster of brands that invested in the big game.  By Isaac Mizrahi - CEO of ALMA Agency

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