More than Words: How to Connect with U.S. Hispanics through Authentic and Meaningful Content

I love language, I love culture, and I am fascinated by what happens when the two meet. News of the emerging dialect in South Florida resonated with me for two reasons. First, I learned English in Miami and have lived there twice. Second, the article shows how languages and cultures influence each other.  By Alberto Navas - SHRM-CP, MBA

Ethnic Diversity among Marketers declining [REPORT]

ANA’s study “A Diversity Report for the Advertising/Marketing Industry,” revealed that ethnic representation among marketers declined substantially from 32.3% in 2022 to 30.8% in 2023. This was a sharp reversal from the previous three years where ethnic diversity increased from 27.6% in 2019 to 32.3% in 2022.

How to Strengthen the Relationship Between Marketing and PR [PODCAST]

Is your PR agency on your A-Team? It's a question that CMOs and marketers navigating an increasingly complicated media terrain need to ask themselves. Is PR called in from the get-go when the ad brief is being developed or once the campaign is fully baked to knock out a press release and pitch a few media outlets? The response could spell the difference between a marketing campaign that is meh and one that maximizes the effort and provides brand lift.

Havas Sharpens Lens on Diverse Audiences with Inaugural Meaningful Brands [REPORT]

Havas has launched the inaugural 2024 Meaningful Brands Special Report in conjunction with Republica Havas and Havas Media Network to sharpen the marketing lens on the fastest growing and most influential audience in the U.S.: diverse consumers.

Celebrity Diversity Dominates 2024 Super Bowl Ad Lineup

While you could count the number of explicitly multicultural spots with one hand (Doritos Dinamita, Jesus gets Us, Google’s Guided Frame, NFL Programs, Microsoft Copilot—did I miss anything?), the most diverse element of this year’s ads is the countless number of self-deprecating celebrity cameos on display.  By Javier San Miguel, Group Creative Director, Sensis

A Tick Toward Inclusion but Many Opportunities Are Missed

Unfortunately, like every other year, 2024’s Big Game ads made us ask the same question, "where's the diverse talent?" behind and on screen – and more importantly, does it feel authentic? This year felt the same and while some creatives combined culture, impact, and inclusion and sparked interest, most fell flat as just the same ol’.  By Darren Martin, Jr., Founder and CEO, Bold Culture

Who Are You? The Art and Science of Measuring Identity [REPORT]

As a shop that studies human behavior through surveys and other social scientific techniques, we have a good line of sight into the contradictory nature of human preferences. Today, we’re calling out one of those that affects us as pollsters: categorizing our survey participants in ways that enhance our understanding of how people think and behave.

Corona Tools chooses Refuel Agency to Drive Brand Awareness

Starting in 1928 with the invention of the orange shears that revolutionized the citrus industry, Corona Tools has been a staple for landscaping and construction professionals. Today Corona Tools is driving their direct-to-consumer marketing into the future as they focus efforts on Hispanic industry professionals, and has selected Refuel Agency to lead their strategic marketing and brand awareness.

From Businesses and Banks to Colleges and Churches: Americans’ Views of U.S. Institutions [REPORT]

Americans overwhelmingly see small businesses as having a positive effect on the way things are going in the country.

Black Americans’ Views on Success in the U.S. [REPORT]

Most Black Americans consider themselves at least somewhat successful (66%). When asked to define what success means to them personally, 82% of Black adults point to the ability to provide for their family.

Creating connections with Black Americans across media

For Black Americans, content provides a common ground and sense of cultural credibility. Defined through media and exported globally in fashion, TV, music and more, this culture is fundamental in its ability to bridge meaningful connections with an increasingly diverse audience. And while representing Black America is already complex, 16% of the Black population is expected to be foreign-born by 20601. That means that content will need to continue evolving to stay relevant for this media-hungry audience.

Moving Forward with Purpose: The Business Imperative for Inclusive Marketing

Highlighting exclusive research on consumer sentiment around DEIB and so-called "woke" marketing practices, Lisette Arsuaga, co-president and co-CEO at DMI Consulting and co-founder of the ANA's Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing (AIMM), uses a wealth of data to explain why it's in any business's best interest to lean into inclusive marketing and messaging, highlighting why failure to do so may result in slumping revenue and loss of market share.


Over the course of three years, the Hispanic Marketing Council (HMC) has experienced explosive year-to-year growth in entries for the HMC Strategic Excellence Awards, the only award competition of its kind recognizing strategic excellence in Hispanic marketing and advertising and cultural fluency.


The Hispanic Marketing Council (HMC) announced early bird registration is open for 2024 HMC Annual Summit on April 10 to 11 at Convene at One Liberty Plaza in New York City’s Financial District. In addition, HMC released the first round of C-suite headliners, including Pablo Di Si, President & CEO of Volkswagen Group of America; Greg Gallagher, Vice President of Brand Marketing, Beer Division Constellation Brands and Esperanza Teasdale, Vice President & General Manager of PepsiCo, who will showcase the culture-driven strategies that are yielding growth and competitive market share.

How Brands Bolster Their DEI Efforts Amid Growing Turbulence [PODCAST]

Bud Light. Kohl's. Target. These are just a few of the major brands that faced a serious backlash last year for embracing in their marketing and merchandising efforts. But the backlash sparked an additional backlash.

Inclusion, Equity and Diversity C-Suite Survey [REPORT]

Employers are being confronted with numerous legal and workplace complexities in managing inclusion, equity and diversity (IE&D) programs, from the repercussions of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decisions to roll back affirmative action college admissions policies to new anti-IE&D state laws to mounting calls to take a stance on social issues.

AIMM Diversity Report: Compendium of Historical Member Case Studies [REPORT]

Throughout the years, AIMM's Diversity Report for the Advertising/Marketing Industry have included compelling case studies from ANA members' DE&I initiatives. These cases share the stories of brands making diversity, equity, and inclusion a priority, and putting actions behind their words. Each edition of the diversity report between 2018 and 2022 featured case studies. Much of the information shared in those case studies is still highly relevant today. We have assembled those case studies in a compendium.

Embracing Diversity: The Integral Role of Hispanic Heritage

The narrative of Hispanic Americans is richly bilingual, a testament to a community where language is as much about cultural identity as communication. The ability to speak Spanish is not merely a skill—it's a vital heritage connector for most of this vibrant demographic.  By Sylvia Vidal - Senior Vice President, Insights | Qualitative & Quantitative Research | U.S. Multicultural & LGBTQIA+ Research | Inclusive Research Advocate | Latin America & Caribbean Research Specialist

Top 2023 Multicultural & Inclusive Marketing Learnings to Bring into 2024 [REPORT]

As we welcome the new year, we at Santiago Solutions Group (SSG) have reflected on the accomplishments within our industry, the growing insights per consumer segment, and the technological advancements that have taken charge in our business landscape. There have been many unique learnings for all segments – through partnerships with brands and organizations, attendance at numerous industry-wide conferences, and more. Here are 6 key insights we’ve learned throughout the year 2023: Women of color, especially Latinas, drive spending and set new trends in the beauty industry where building brand trust and adapting to a more diverse audience becomes imperative.

US Multicultural Media Spend to Grow at Accelerated 8.3% to 45.8B in 2024, as Hispanic, African & Asian American Markets Benefit from Influx of Political & Sports Dollars

United States multicultural advertising and marketing spending, including Hispanic, African and Asian American markets, is expected to surge 8.4% to a record $45.83 billion in 2024, following decelerating growth of 5.7% in 2023 compared with the strong upswing in 2022, according to new research released today by PQ Media, the world's leading provider of media econometrics.

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