Louis Maldonado of d expósito & Partners on Data-Driven Decisions

What will it take to have your work make it to the winners' circle? ANA's Judges' Journals features a series of Q&A sessions with leading industry executives participating on 2024 ANA Award juries. Gain insight from the judges on what they will be looking for and what makes the difference between a good versus award worthy submission.  In this segment, Denise McDevitt, SVP of award programs at ANA connects with Louis Maldonado, partner and managing director at d expósito & Partners' regarding his role on the 2024 ANA Multicultural Excellence Awards Jury.

FELICIDADES – the MOST Multicultural Women’s US Gymnastic Team to represent the USA at the 2024 Paris Olympics

Felicidades, the MOST Multicultural US Women’s Gymnastic Team to represent the USA at the 2024 Paris Olympics. Simone Biles, Suni Lee, Jordan Chiles, Jade Carey and Hezly Rivera made the women's team and are heading to Paris.  Go Latina Power!

Out-of-Work CMOs Crash Cannes Events  – Claim They Lost Their Jobs Due to Hispanic Marketing Negligence

Out-of-work CMOs crashed the steps at the Palais, a Forbes CMO luncheon, an Advertising Week rooftop gathering and all along La Croisette. They were dressed in business casual suits, some carrying boxes with their office belongings, others with signs saying, “Available CMO after sleeping on the $3.4 trillion Hispanic marketing opportunity.” This was all part of the scene throughout the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, where the Hispanic Marketing Council (HMC) made a bold statement for marketers to prioritize the U.S. Hispanic Market as part of its #STOPLATINOCOATING campaign.

Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity – Bringing Hispanic Consumers to the Forefront

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity — that brings together the world’s most important brands, agencies and their work, media, tech and production companies — has become a critical part of how we keep the importance of Latinos a front-and-center issue in the business sector and make tangible inroads in driving our inclusion and progress.   Everyone we need to reach and persuade in marketing is there.  This year we are more united and organized as a community there. We feel the strength of our mission and agenda. We have a full program and great partners.  By Claudia Romo Edelman

Increasing Interest in Diverse-Owned and Targeted Media [PODCAST]

While total advertising spend in the U.S. last year, excluding programmatic, B2B, trade, and local cable, declined 2 percent versus 2022, overall ad investment in diverse-owned media outlets increased 9 percent, reaching $1.9 billion. That's according to a new study by the ANA Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing, conducted in partnership with Media Framework and Guideline. The study also found that investment in diverse-owned and targeted media increased 7 percent year over year, reaching $1.1 billion.

Marketing in a Multicultural World: From Niche to Core  [PODCAST]

On this episode of The New Mainstream podcast, Glory Alcántara, Director of Multicultural Marketing at General Mills, discusses the importance of understanding and integrating multicultural perspectives into mainstream marketing strategies.

The State of Latinas in Corporate America 2024

The last five years of Lean In’s research on the state of women at work reveal a disturbing trend: Latinas face the steepest climb up the corporate ladder and end up the most underrepresented of all groups of employees in the C-suite. Despite these barriers, Latinas remain highly ambitious and increasingly committed to advancing.

Cultural Issues and the 2024 Election [REPORT]

The 2024 presidential campaign is taking place amid intense debates over such topics as immigration, growing racial and ethnic diversity in the United States, the changing American family, crime and reproductive issues.

Most Black Americans Believe Racial Conspiracy Theories About U.S. Institutions [REPORT]

While many Black Americans view themselves as at least somewhat successful and are optimistic about their financial future, they are also critical of U.S. institutions. Most say several systems in the United States need significant changes to ensure Black people are treated fairly.

Resource List of Certified Diverse Suppliers for Marketing/Advertising

Curated Certified Diverse Suppliers list, initially published in July 2020, is being updated regularly. The June 2024 edition has 9 additional suppliers for a total of 525 companies. The list is also available in a spreadsheet which allows users to sort as needed.

Position Hispanics in the Creative Global Agenda

The Latino economy is thriving and deeply intertwined with our community's success. As the fastest-growing minority group in the US, Latinos are reshaping markets, politics, and culture. At this pivotal moment, investing in the Latino community is crucial to unlocking our potential and ensuring a prosperous future for all. Unity and decisive action today are essential.  Increasing Latino representation in Cannes is critical, particularly amid rising AI bias and anti-DE&I narratives. This year, we emphasize embracing new technologies to elevate Latino potential and dismantle stereotypes. Media and all companies must invest in US Latinos, recognizing them as a growing, profitable market.

Financial Services Industry Strives to Navigate U.S. Latino ‘Bothism’

Marketers often fall into the trap of binary thinking, hindering creativity and clashing with consumers seeking fluidity. While the industry has struggled to embrace bothism – the concept of merging seemingly opposing approaches for better results – multicultural consumers in the U.S., particularly bi-cultural Latinos, have fully adopted it. Many see themselves as American and Latino, not half and half, but 200%, wholly embracing their American and Latino identities.

THIRD EAR named Multicultural AOR for Ashley

THIRD EAR announced that it has been named multicultural agency of record for Ashley, America’s Largest Furniture Store Brand.

Intersectionality in Marketing

From "diversity" to "inclusivity," no other term has been arguably misappropriated, misused, and co-opted in the business world than the concept of intersectionality, coined by renowned Black feminist legal scholar Dr. Kimberlé Crenshaw in 1989. Whenever I have worked alongside clients and marketing colleagues as a consultant, it was common to hear the term "intersectional" used to describe an array of things: Brands, marketers, research participants, or approaches to strategy.

CMO Checklist for Better Agency Results

Great strategy is only great if it is executed well. PowerPoint, Word documents and board room discussions don’t build awareness or connect your product and services with the target audience across their buying journey or close any sales. Great strategy is only great if it is executed with distinction. The work is what works.

THE END OF AN ERA : Eduardo Caballero passes – se te extraña

Eduardo Caballero The Godfather of Hispanic Marketing & Radio in our Industry passed in 2023. For those that work with Eduardo Caballero and those that knew Eduardo will be eternally impacted by the man, the professional, the pioneer and the Industry Advocate.

THIRD EAR is named Multicultural AOR for Nissan North America and INFINITI USA

THIRD EAR announced the addition of two automotive brands to its roster – Nissan North America and INFINITI USA – becoming multicultural agency of record for each. The agency will provide specialized strategy, creative and media services with the goal of deepening the brands’ relationships with diverse communities throughout the U.S.

With NewFronts Upon Us, All Marketers Should Want What Marc Pritchard Wants

Many of you might remember the bad old days of 20 to 25 years ago, when interactive media made up around 2 to 3 percent of all advertising dollars spent across the media spectrum. Can you imagine such a huge spending event as NewFronts at that time? We didn't even call our media segment "interactive" then, maybe because most buyers didn't yet understand that the "pull" was more valuable than the "push." Search changed all of that soon enough, upending direct marketing. And then it wasn't long before everyone started talking about big data becoming the new gold rush.

Recommendations for U. S. Multicultural Marketing: A data-informed approach

As time progresses, we can see the impact that multicultural groups have on marketing and business operations. Specifically in the U.S., we can see the strides that marketers have made to ensure the U.S. maintains its status as a leader in multicultural marketing. Just as the U.S. has shifted its demographics away from being solely a nation of individuals with white skin and of European descent, this rise in multi-ethnic and multicultural communities has shaped the ways we operate and engage with people.  By Derrick Raphael Pacheco - Department of Educational Leadership & Policy Studies, Florida State University

Asian American Audiences Spend Nearly Equal Time on TV and Smartphone  [REPORT]

Nielsen released their latest Diverse Intelligence Series report to kick-off Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. The report titled, Reaching Asian American Audiences: Understanding Asian Influence and Media Consumption, highlights that Asian Americans are spending nearly equal time watching content on their TVs and smartphones.

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