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Republica Havas Group earns 2023 Business of the Year Award from South Florida Business Journal

Republica Havas Group, a communications company that includes agencies Republica Havas and Republica Havas Health, has been named a 2023 Business of the Year (BOTY) by South Florida Business Journal (SFBJ). Now in its 26th year, the annual award commemorates South Florida-headquartered companies that build the region’s economy through solid business practices, dedication to the community, and financial growth.


Business leaders, award-winning creatives, newsmakers and influencers will cover the most pressing topics in marketing at the Hispanic Marketing Council’s 2023 Annual Summit with one thing in common: a laser focus on Hispanic marketing. The HMC Annual Summit, developed by industry leaders with multicultural expertise, is the only Hispanic-centric marketing conference in the U.S. This year's summit will feature powerful sessions headlined by the CEOs and CMOs of Circle K, Hyundai, Medialink, Molson Coors, State Farm and TelevisaUnivision, as well as rapid-fire panels featuring top brands and research think tanks.

Tajín Unveils New Brand Campaign “Tajín, as Unique as You”

As America continues to grow in diversity, multicultural lifestyles and flavors brought by other cultures continue driving all aspects of American life. Celebrating the varied flavor palette of a new America, Tajín announced the launch of its latest brand campaign, "Tajín, as unique as you".

Agencies: Top 25 Privately-Held Agencies Decelerated from Double-Digit Growth in 2022 to 4% In 1Q23

The agency industry saw faster-than-normal growth in the immediate aftermath of the pandemic. I’ve already written about how the largest holding companies grew rapidly through 2022, but for the past couple of years I have observed with fascination how many of the biggest independent, privately-held agencies grew even faster.  By Brian Wieser

AMIGOS FOR KIDS and Republica Havas present new campaign

On National Child Abuse Prevention Month in the United States, Amigos For Kids together with Republica Havas present “Misused Objects,” their new ad campaign. Since 1991, Amigos for Kids' mission has been to prevent child abuse and neglect by valuing children, strengthening families, and educating communities.

Mastering the In-House Agency Evaluation

How does in-house marketing evaluate agency performance? Should in-house marketing teams evaluate the in-house agency? If so, should the in-house agency evaluation be different or the same as your external agency evaluations?

Jo Muse passes

Jo Muse was born on a red dirt road in Holly Springs, MS to a son and daughter of cotton farmers. Penniless and with the promise of fair wages by Henry Ford their family moved to Detroit MI when he was two. The family went from welfare to work in the auto business. What Jo learned from his parents was applying oneself through poverty, hard work, failure and misfortune. Upon moving to California he fulfilled his dream of creating his own advertising agency named Muse Cordero Chen, Inc., the first multicultural ad agency. Muse would go on to be one of the best known and awarded minority ad men in history.

How do you pitch when you’re the incumbent agency?

It sounds like the toughest gig in town. Your client has called a review of your agency – despite your best efforts – and you’ve been asked if you want to take part. You’re angry, scared and pumped in equal measure. You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

Fors Marsh Acquires Brunet-García

Fors Marsh announced that it has acquired Brunet-García (B|G), a full-service social impact marketing firm based in Florida that focuses on improving health, safety, and cross-cultural education and outreach

A New Workforce Reality for Media Buying

The threat of recession and a downturn in ad spend hasn't done much to ease the burden on employers sourcing talent in the media buying world.

The Chemistry Conundrum: Learning Enough About Your Agencies to Make Meaningful Decisions

I’ve always found the term ‘Chemistry Session’ to be a complete misnomer. I use the term because it’s entered into pitching vernacular. And because the concept of ‘human chemistry’ exists. And because I can’t think of anything better myself that’s going to stick. But really – Chemistry? I understand the premise. But chemistry is a very precise science. What happens in a chemistry session is anything but scientific.

10 personality types agencies may encounter in a new business pitch

One of the important factors in any pitch decision is how aligned the agency is to the advertiser’s culture. And while there can be some misunderstandings, it is important to make sure you know who you are pitching to, the culture of the business and the people employed there before you go to pitch.

Reaching Across the Aisles: The Biggest Challenges Between Procurement and Marketing, and How to Address Them

  The concept of procurement and marketing teams working together in pitching or renegotiation of agency services carries, in my experience, a veneer of PC speak that often obscures the truth. Some common examples I generally hear repeated at the start of a project:  ‘Oh, we’re not like other organizations, our marketing and procurement teams work hand in glove’.

HMC announces Shortlist for the 2023 HMC Strategic Excellence Aawards

After a record number of entries, 16 US-based agencies representing 27 campaigns in seven categories have made the shortlist of finalists for the Hispanic Marketing Council (HMC) Strategic Excellence Awards, the only award competition of its kind recognizing strategic excellence in Hispanic marketing and advertising and cultural fluency*. Winners will be announced at the HMC 2023 Annual Summit in New York City on April 27.

The Hispanic Growth Engine Post Pandemic

A key responsibility of marketers is to identify growth opportunities. It would be easy to overlook the strength of the U.S. Hispanic market if you were not aware of their impressive economic performance before and during the pandemic. The Latino Donor Collaborative published their latest annual report that paints a powerful picture of resilience. It confirms the dominance of Latinos in the growth of the new mainstream economy.  By Roberto Orci

Conill named Cultural AOR for Burger King U.S.

Burger King U.S. announced that strategic communications firm ICR and cultural and brand partnership marketing agency Conill have been tapped to join the brand’s growing list of world-class agency partners.

Media 100 revealed – the world’s most awarded campaigns and companies for media excellence

Compiled by WARC, the international marketing insights company, the annual Media 100 Ranking is produced by combining the results of the industry’s most important global and regional media award shows of 2022. The awards tracked are determined by a global industry panel survey and consultation with the WARC Rankings Advisory Board.

The Marketer’s guide to planning an effective agency transition

Your agency review has concluded. You’ve found the perfect agency, negotiated a fine SOW and MSA and you’re itching to get started. And (of course) you are in a rush! You need the new agency to hit the ground running and your business depends on the success multiplier that a great agency relationship can provide. You’ve even planned a thorough and disciplined onboarding for the new agency.

Strong client-agency relationships lead to more effective work [REPORT]

Research from Aprais and WARC reveals that the strength of the relationship between marketer and agency has a direct correlation to the output of effective work.

Agencies’ Reversal of Fortune Explained

The largest agency holding companies have now reported their full year earnings results for 2022, and outcomes were, for the most part, very good. There has been a perception over many years among that agencies were poised to experience secular decline. Needless to say, I didn’t agree then and continue to believe that significant opportunities remain ahead for the industry.  By Brian Wieser / Madison & Wall

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