March 07, 2017

Batanga Media announces a full rebrand, changing its corporate name and identity to Vix. Effectively immediately, Batanga Media will be known as Vix, a digital media company dedicated to generating curiosity and leaving a positive influence for audiences across the Americas.

The rebrand comes on the heel of a pivotal time of evolution and growth for the company. Twelve months ago, Vix was introduced as a digital property with a broader position and brand promise than any of the other properties within the Batanga Media portfolio.  Unlike the other brands before it, iMujer, Batanga, and BolsadeMulher, Vix delivered content inclusive of gender, language and country. The data and results undeniably concluded that creating content in silos was not only constraining, but not authentic to a millennial audience that chooses to see the world through a different lens.


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