March 28, 2019

eSalon announced the launch of a fully personalized client experience in Spanish. With this new Spanish-language site, eSalon gains the ability to reach an entirely new demographic of potential clients who are typically underserved by English-speaking direct-to-consumer brands in the US market.

Localization will open the doors to more customer acquisition and engagement with the Hispanic population. Developed to function in the same way as the English website, however this new experience will be available in the client’s native language. Clients will be able to access their entire color history, download personalized instructions, request a color adjustment and have access to how-to videos that are curated for their specific hair type and application. In addition, customers have access to Spanish-language professional hair colorists that are available to guide them through the process and respond any of their questions.

“As a custom at-home hair color company, one of our key differentiators is our ability to provide a personalized client experience,” said Francisco Gimenez, eSalon’s CEO & Co-Founder. “In order to do so, we need to connect and communicate with both existing and prospective clients. Given that one of the fastest growing markets in the US is the Hispanic market, we want to be able to speak to them in Spanish. With the localized site we’ve built, we can now serve them in their native language, helping us grow in a market that other DTC brands are not directly pursuing.”


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