March 05, 2019

By Gonzalo López Martí   - Creative director, etc /

  • A few weeks back I landed a gig with one of the major Spanish-language broadcasters in the US.
  • It happens to be headquartered in Doral, Florida.
  • You do the math.
  • My responsibilities are circumscribed to advertising, promotions, brand integrations and the like.
  • My SOW does NOT include programming.
  • But hey, I wouldn’t be a proper advertising man if I didn’t believe I can be a showrunner too.
  • What Hollywood types call a “hyphenate”: a writer-producer.
  • You know how every bartender and waiter/waitress in LA claims to be an actor or a writer working on a screenplay?
  • The same cliché applies to a LOT of folks in advertising.
  • And, yes, I have an idea for a show.

Here’s the elevator pitch:

  • Melrose Place meets Downton Abbey meets Ballers meets Big Brother.
  • Lifestyles of the young, restless, rich & famous with generous doses of real estate porn.
  • A modern-day telenovela 100% apt for non-linear consumption.

Name: Trepadores

Alt name: Trepas

Alt name: Cima

Trepador (male: trepador; female: trepadora; from the verb: trepar, to climb) stands for many things: social climber, ambitious, driven, career-driven, charmer, manipulative. It is used pejoratively for the most part. In certain contexts “trepadora” may mean “gold digger”.


  • ¿Hasta dónde puedes trepar?
  • ¿Cuán alto quieres llegar?


The show will take place in Miami and will touch upon various zeitgeist topics: climate change, family, health, loyalty, identity, gender, self-image, loneliness, success, life/work balance, sports, alternative lifestyles, corruption.


It will be 100% non-linear, watchable and snackable on multiple devices. From a narrative POV, the viewer will be able to “direct” the cameras he/she wants to view: security cameras across the buildings corridors and common areas. Combined with the various social feeds of the cast, who will have a particular tendency to overshare.

Pilot synopsis:

The residents of a hyper exclusive, luxurious, ocean-front Miami condo, The Cima Building, prepare for what looks like a category 1 storm. Nothing to worry about given the fact that the 50-story high-rise they inhabit is spanking new, designed and built following the latest, strictest construction codes.
Unexpectedly, the weather takes a turn for the worst: what was supposed to be just a strong tropical storm escalates into a massive, fast-moving category 4 hurricane. A state of frenzy and chaos overtakes traditional and social media. It is too late to evacuate though so authorities call for the residents to hole up, stay safe and brace for landfall, particularly those who live on coastal areas.

To be continued next week.



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