November 01, 2019

By Mario X. Carrasco, co-founder and principal of ThinkNow Research

Understanding how brands engage Hispanics in the marketplace is essential to removing labels that don’t represent the diversity of this thriving demographic. To give us insight into how this plays out in real time, I reached out to Nicole Preston, General Manager of DishLATINO Brand Marketing, a client, to glean best practices for crafting a winning customer engagement strategy that builds loyalty and drives usage of their core services.

Streaming services are continually cited as taking over live TV, yet Dish Latino is thriving. How has your investment in the Hispanic audience been able to buck this trend?

Twenty years ago, we led the pay-TV industry by launching a suite of packages in Spanish and English to serve the Hispanic consumer. Over the years, we have continued to invest in the content consumers want, creating packages to fit a variety of households. While we have seen streaming services’ penetration grow year over year, our consumer research indicates that cable and satellite will continue to be the primary way Hispanic consumers will access TV in the future. Other providers are becoming more fragmented, but our packages offer the most value at an affordable cost. We make a concerted effort to research what Latino households seek when looking for a TV provider, and we use the results of qualitative and quantitative studies to tailor our offerings, products and services to our core audience. There is no need to pay for several different subscription streaming services with DishLATINO; a household’s favorite programming can be found in one place.

At DishLATINO, we like to remind people that “Latino is our last name.” We are proud to have a strong connection with the Latino community. We emphasize our collective values like family and culture, and we celebrate our Hispanic heritage as we work together to succeed in the United States. It’s why we created Sigamos Haciendola; we’re proud to be the leaders in the industry because of the trust we’ve continued to build with our customers.

Why is it important for brands to reach out to Hispanic audiences in both English and Spanish?

It’s important for brands to recognize the diversity within the Hispanic community. One size does not fit all; the name “Latino” refers to many different cultures, traditions and levels of acculturation. While Spanish is the primary language we use to communicate with our prospects and customers, we know that our target audience is comprised of households with an average of 3.3 individuals. Under one roof, a family may have an abuela only speaking Spanish and kids who want to watch TV in English. DishLATINO is unique because we understand there is a need for both Spanish and English programming to satisfy all members of the family.

We have explored the relationship between English and Spanish programming with the creation of Ingles Para Todos, a dedicated channel, pioneered by DishLATINO, aimed at teaching English as a second language (ESL). The channel offers a variety of educational and entertainment content – from classroom-style learning to movies and documentaries – and is organized by level to accommodate the needs of all learners, from beginner to intermediate and advanced.

From your experience, what makes a television advertisement resonate with a Hispanic audience?

We pride ourselves on having a deep understanding of our audience and communicating with them in a way that truly speaks to them, not just as a consumer brand but also as a representation of the audience. Almost 2 years ago, we launched Sigamos Haciendola, a comprehensive campaign recognizing and celebrating U.S. Hispanics, from their cultural heritage to the values, dreams, and even challenges that inspire them to keep moving forward. The response to this campaign was overwhelmingly positive, and it provided a multifaceted, interactive and entertaining experience for consumers.

The campaign consists of an advertising partnership with Eugenio Derbez, an original song titled Somos Latinos by Latin-Grammy Nominated Periko and Jessi Leon, and photo storytelling through a digital American flag mosaic that invites Latinos to share their personal stories. Since the website launched, thousands of Latinos have contributed to the mosaic. This all-encompassing approach is more than an advertising campaign. It’s about recognizing and inspiring Latinos who are working hard to build a better life in the U.S. while also continuing to value their heritage.



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