May 10, 2018

Mexico Media Reps, a dba for Media Access Partners, Inc., announced he formation of an unwired radio network in Northern Mexico.  The Border Radio Network is comprised of top tier radio stations located within and serving the 10 major Mexico border markets.

“We are pleased to announce the formation of this new network, designed for US entities to reach out to residents of Mexico who regularly enter the US for shopping and services,” said Rodger Seelert, President of Mexico Media Reps.  “Every day, more than half a million people line up to legally enter the US; and for a very significant percentage, the primary purpose is to shop.” Mr. Seelert continued.

The US Bureau of Transportation Services recently released the Border Crossing Data for 2017.  
The number of northbound individual crossings increased to 187,670,880. (Trucks and rail not included in total)  The largest percentage, 75.5%, arrived in their own personal vehicles.

“Estimated annual economic impact studies vary, due in part to the high percentage of cash purchases, yet most experts place the number in the area of $20 Billion dollars,” said Mr. Seelert.

“Mexico Media Reps is unique among media representation firms, and so is our Border Radio Network.  Because not all advertisers wish to be in all the border markets, the Border Radio Network has the flexibility to adjust for each advertiser, the chosen markets, stations and budget.” Said Daniela Waldheim, Media Access Partners Director of Vendor Relations.

“We precisely design the network for each advertiser, with an eye toward the target demographic, the station formats and delivery of the demo”. Ms. Waldheim continued.

Mr. Seelert concluded; “With more than $1,500,000,000 a month in US retail purchases coming from residents of Mexico, we believe many US advertisers will want to reach out to these consumers, just as they do domestically.  And it’s very inexpensive”


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