May 21, 2019

By Gonzalo López Martí - Creative director, etc. /

  • Does sponsored content pose a threat -another one- to ad agencies?
  • See, in a majority of sponcon deals the media outlet deals directly with the client.
  • If tomorrow you decided to promote your new financial product on, say, Fortune magazine, the way to go about would be as follows:

                   1)    You’d call the magazine’s ad sales department

                    2)    After agreeing on a price, they’d put you in touch with a staff writer who’s familiarized with the editorial style of the publication

  • No middleman.
  • No need for ad agency meddling.
  • That being said, new sponsored content platforms emerge everyday aggregating and serving sponcon in various online pubs.
  • The proverbial clickbait at the bottom of most on-line pubs these days.
  • Has the one-size-fits-all practice of running the same insertion on multiple different media outlets has run its course?
  • Consumers are too jaded and will tune your message out if it overtly looks like an ad.
  • It is arrogant, flat-footed and possibly ineffective to run the same ad on the Sunday Times magazine and on Vanity Fair, two publications with quite different graphic design tone, manners and flavors.
  • Then again, a publication is totally free to reject an advertising insertion that doesn’t fit is look or philosophy.
  • As I pointed out in a prior installment of this series of articles, for centuries, if not millennia, the conundrum of advertising has been how to calibrate a kosher level of integration with its vehicles and surroundings.
  • How forthcoming should an ad, in the broadest sense of the word, be about its intentions?
  • Should it blend in or stand out?
  • To be continued next week.


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