February 07, 2020

Gun companies are prohibited from running Instagram ads that promote the sale of or use of firearms. However, they’ve been able to get around these rules and restrictions by partnering with pro-gun influencers and having them promote firearms to their followers. These influencers are able to do something that the firearm industry can’t do on their own: glamorize guns on social media to drive sales.

Change the Ref, in partnership with Alma, is trying to bring attention to who is actually behind these Instagram posts and start a conversation about the need for stricter regulations on social media for firearm manufacturers.

To do this, Change the Ref is reposting pictures where these influencers are promoting guns. But instead of tagging the pro-gun sponsor in the post, Instagram accounts honoring the tragedies caused by guns are tagged instead. By exposing “Bad Influencers,” Change the Ref hopes make more people aware of the shady tactics gun companies are using to bypass regulations and spread their dark influence.


TITLE: The Bad Influencers

CLIENT: Change the Ref

Luis Miguel Messianu, Creative Chairman/CEO
Alvar Sunol, Co-President/Chief Creative Officer
Michelle Headley, SVP/Productions
Michael Sotelo, VP Digital Content & Experience
Yeyo Marquez, VP, Director of Production
Monica Marulanda, Executive Creative Director
Virgilio Flores, Creative Director
Santiago Cuesta, Creative Director
Humberto Maldonado, Associate Creative Director
Luis Puerta, Associate Creative Director
Michelle Robles, Lead Digital Content & Experience Creator
Emilia Lora, Art Director
Orlando Velez, Art Director
Jay Rivera, Executive Producer
Jennifer O. Eirea, Senior Producer, Studio
Jose Toledo, Audio Engineer  

Sabrina Paz Riesgo, Communications Manager
Valeria Laguna, Communications Coordinator
Leonardo Botero, Editor/GFX

Agency: ALMA DDB
Production Companies: Happy Brands

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