January 28, 2020

El Círculo Creativo USA  expands its regional leadership for the organization announcing the following Creative Executives for the 2020-2022 season:

Líder regional: Javier Osorio, Director Creativo Freelance
Co-líder regional: Mario Reinoso, Director Creativo de Havas-Chicago
Líder regional: Flor Leibaschoff, Directora Creativa de Richards/Lerma
Co-líder regional: Miguel Moreno, Director Creativo de Richards/Lerma

Los Ángeles:
Líder regional: Elías Weinstock, Director General Creativo de Casanova//McCann
Co-líder regional: Fernando Poblete, Director Creativo de Casanova//McCann

Líder regional: Iván Calle, Vicepresidente y Director Creativo Ejecutivo de Zubi Advertising
Co-líder regional: Virgilio Flores, Director Creativo de Alma

New York:
Líder regional: Pepe Aguilar, Presidente y Director General Creativo de Wing
Co-líder regional: Mauricio Galván, Director Creativo de Anomaly
Co-líder regional: Maddy Kramer, Directora Creativa Asociada de Anomaly


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