September 23, 2020

INFUSION has been in a whirlwind since Covid hit, except instead of struggling with clients, they are struggling to keep up with increased Client work demands and new business pitches accelerated by ‘Black and Brown lives matter’ and the 2020 Census which underscore the Multicultural marketing business imperative.

CEO Liz Castells says ‘We consider ourselves lucky as a thriving WMBE business, so we don’t complain about working 24/7 and focus on new solutions to make the ‘working from home’ paradigm effective.  A key example is the virtual TV shoots we’ve had with Charter Communications, which was a first for both of us, and I thank them for their trust in us to deliver the goods.’

These virtual TV shoots utilized multiple virtual feeds, chats, and Q-take app technology to connect all the cast, talent, crew, post-production companies, and client and agency teams in different locations through all the pre-production and shoot logistics. It also required sequential small crew shifts, shooting people interacting but separately, green screens to later digitally recreate scenes, and extra feeds for Digital, social videos and print.  Carlos Correa, Creative Officer adds, ‘Rather than focus on the challenge, we saw it as an opportunity to learn and succeed’
The campaigns ladder up to Charter’s commitment to keep families connected to the people, content, passions, and what matters most with Spectrum’s fast and reliable connectivity services, even more vital in these times. The first campaign shot in early June, appropriately called ‘Zoom’, features well-known actor and social influencer Gaby Espino. The campaign illustrates how Spectrum TV’s Mi Plan Latino and Spectrum’s powerful internet enables multigenerational Hispanic households to consume their English and Spanish content across all their devices to their hearts content. ‘Our goal with director Jorge Colon of Letca Films was to put all the pieces together to function as one seamless entity to deliver a solid Covid-safe shoot’, explained Executive Producer, Manuel Carvajal.

A second Charter spot for African American consumers called ‘Spectrum Hub’ depicts how Spectrum Select TV and Spectrum Internet makes working and learning from home easy to keep families moving forward. Creative Officer Rod Ribeiro adds: ‘We maintained our creative integrity, which we’ll continue to push even further with gaming-like virtual location software.’

INFUSION’s latest campaign continues with Charter’s ongoing collaboration with Ozuna, global reggaeton superstar.  Ozuna’s on-the-go lifestyle demands the fast, unlimited connectivity and reliability brought by Spectrum Mobile. The campaign includes brand and acquisition TV spots, digital videos, social marketing, radio and print. Liz adds: ‘It’s a perfect fit for 18-34 biculturals, as Mobile is their lifeline, music their passion, and Ozuna one of their top artists.’

INFUSION also shot and post-produced an exclusive 20-minute Ozuna concert which streamed on September 5, 2020 on the Spectrum Latino Facebook and Ozuna's Facebook pages, and is also now available on the Spectrum Latino YouTube channel with ehind-the-scenes content.  At a time when fans cannot go to concerts in-person, this brings the experience straight to fans to enjoy from the comfort of their homes or on the go.  

It is refreshing to see agencies taking on the challenges no-holds-barred and succeeding. Liz Castells sums it up:   ‘I see unsettling times like this as an opportunity for growth, meaningful change, and the best ideas to flourish.   All companies are re-evaluating business-as-usual and willing to try new things. Multicultural anyone?’


Ozuna: Spectrum Mobile Campaign
•    ‘Concierto’ Brand :30 TV:
•    ‘Puertas’ :60 DRTV:
•    ‘Puertas’ :15 Digital:
•    Ozuna Live Stream Teaser :15 Promo Social (ENG):
•    Ozuna Live Stream Teaser :15 Promo Social (SPAN):
•    Ozuna Live Stream ‘Day Of Event’ :15 Promo Social (SPAN):
•    Ozuna Live Stream ‘Day Of Event’ :15 Promo Social (ENG):
•    Ozuna Live Stream ‘Day Of Event’ :15 Promo Digital (SPAN):
•    BTS:
•    La Clave/The key :30 Prime:

Gaby Espino: Spectrum Mi Plan Latino ‘Zoom’ Campaign
•    ‘Zoom’ :60 DRTV:
•    ‘Zoom’ :60 DRTV Before and After:
•    Zoom Virtual Shoot BTS:
•    ‘Zoom’ :30 Prime:
•    ‘Zoom’ :15 Digital:
•    ‘Devices’ :15 Digital:
•    ‘Time’ :15 Digital:

Spectrum Select TV & Internet (AA)
•    ‘Spectrum Hub’ :60 DRTV:


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