May 07, 2019

This study looks into the different ways consumers watch digital video – going beyond dayparts, demos and/or personas. It illuminates how perception of different types of video advertising is impacted by the motivations and mindset a consumer is experiencing as they choose to watch. The analysis provides correlations between video content and attention to ads, ad relevance and ad receptivity when in these motivation/mindset states.

The findings in this study are intended to help marketers and ad sellers better understand ways in to leverage video viewing opportunities by consumer intent and preference, setting up a foundation for better ad testing and optimization of delivery.

Highlights include:

  •     Video viewing motivations/mindsets change throughout the day—as one would expect
  •     As consumers move between these states, their ad receptivity changes
  •     Contextual, behavioral, and demographics all have impact on ad receptivity within the context of motivation and mindset
  •     Consumers report having different preferences for ad relevance types when experiencing different motivations/mindsets
  •         For example: One might prefer contextually vs. behaviorally relevant ads—or be open to completely untargeted ads—given their typical  motivation/mindset when watching particular digital video types

The research results are demonstrated through six categories representing 11 different motivations/mindsets.  These categories are mapped to video types viewed and by device used.

To download report CLICK HERE.




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