February 15, 2019

Attracting local advertisers to traditional media is harder than ever, thanks to the growth of digital media solutions.

How can radio stations, in particular those targeting Hispanic consumers, win over some of those advertisers with its own digital offerings? That's exactly what Armando Guerrero, of digital ad agency Ntooitive, discusses in this all-new Hispanic Radio Podcast with host Adam R Jacobson, Editor-in-Chief of the Radio + Television Business Report.

Los Angeles-based Guerrero joined Ntooitive, headquarted in Las Vegas, in September 2018 after serving as a local digital executive for Entravision's Pulpo Media — one of the nation's leading digital ad networks in the U.S. Hispanic market.

With that experience, Guerrero is showing radio stations how Ntooitive has collected and can target Hispanic households and devices to help its client advertisers reach Hispanic consumers on the go — through audio streaming channels.

"By using a multi-point scoring system to identify Hispanics, we are able to efficiently target Hispanic audiences across multiple touch-points," Guerrero says.

There's much to learn here, even for those with English-language radio formats of appeal to Latino consumers.

As Guerrero notes, expanding relationships that are long-standing between the radio station and the local business -- to the digital world -- is at the heart of what Ntooitive does.

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