November 26, 2019

LATiNAS is a monthly magazine show that showcases LATINX women from all walks of life! As these influencers rapidly become an economic and social powerhouse in the United States, the program will showcase their power at home, in business and everywhere else in between. LATiNAS is hosted by EMMY® award winning multi-media journalist and author Tinabeth Piña.

Latinas Premiere Episode

On this premiere episode of LATiNAS -- host Tinabeth Piña sits down with The Walking Dead's Lauren Ridloff, correspondent Elena Romero get the truth behind diabetes myths and journalist Marlene Peralta gets the lowdown on Latinas in politics with CUNY alum Melissa Mark-Viverito.



October 2019 | LATiNAS

On this episode of LATiNAS -- Host Tinabeth Piña sits down with Drag Queen Story Hour's Angel Elektra; correspondent Elena Romero learns about the world of Canticos on Nick Jr. and Marlene Peralta finds out how Latinas should handle their money with financial expert, Carmen Rita Wong!



November 2019 | LATiNAS

On this episode of LATiNAS, Host Tinabeth Piña sits down with Kiki Melendez Comedian/Actress, Correspondent Elena Romero finds out what inspired Edgardo Miranda Rodriguez to create La Borinquena, and Gisela Sanders Alcantara investigates whether it's a good idea to teach your kids to be bilingual.



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