October 31, 2019

By Elie Y. Katz - Founder, President & CEO • National Retail Solutions

Latino consumers are familiar with cash registers and point of sale (POS) systems, as they are commonly being used for checkout in many local bodegas, liquor and tobacco stores. More and more stores are investing in modern point of sale systems to replace their old cash registers. This is not just for the esthetics of having high tech equipment, but for the powerful capabilities to track sales and inventory to organize the store while attracting customers to purchase more, via customer facing advertising.
47% of the Latino Community feel close to their culture by living in particular cities, and the Hispanic community is very loyal to their local grocery stores, which remind them of home. The Latin American market is tapped by the advertisers to launch their products and services, as many young Brazilians, Mexicans, Argentinian and other nationals show strong interest. The Latino Community is sentimentally attached to their roots and likes to go with the brands they remember from home. With a point of sale system such as the National Retail Solutions POS with customer-facing, on-screen advertising, local retail stores can reach this niche demographic. They can promote the products upon which Latinos spend money.

For example, a tobacco manufacturer can promote products via a customer facing ad screen. This lead to increased tobacco sales, and if the store is registered for a tobacco rebate program, the merchant can be eligible manufacturer rebates. Via the POS, the store can collect the data about the tobacco products mostly commonly purchased and assist the store owner with stocking and restocking the correct amount of inventory. With the data accumulated through the POS system,  advertisers and retailers can gain a loyal customer base.

Advertising to Latinos is a unique opportunity that is not limited just to Latino products. Latino people relate most to their cultural values, but are open to other options. If you are marketing their indigenous brands, you can also advertise deals on comparable popular US brands. Latinos are family-centric. So, if you are running ads in a newspaper, on billboards or advertising on the POS screens at stores, make sure to show the value of how the product will prove beneficial for their family.

CPG manufacturers and advertisers that want to reach out to niche consumer groups such as Latinos (and other ethnic/multicultural communities) must calculate and build product value to their products before penetrating distinctive markets. Understanding consumers’ needs and expectations of products, helps advertisers prepare their marketing strategies to best target the Latino community and win their brand loyalty.

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Elie Y. Katz
Founder, President & CEO • National Retail Solutions
National Retail Solutions (NRS) is a division of IDT (NYSE: IDT). NRS combines the reliability and loyalty of IDT and the Boss Revolution® customer base of over five million people, to provide a robust, powerful point of sale system and NRS PAY integrated credit card processing for independent retailers. With over 10,000 POS units deployed nationwide, NRS is quickly becoming the leading cash register ecosystem for grocery, convenience, liquor and tobacco stores.


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