September 07, 2021

CMO tenure is the lowest it has been in over 10 years, and while new data suggests that 86% of CEOs believe CMOs have the power to influence key decisions of the C-suite, less than a third actually trust their CMOs to grow the business.

Access insights from more than 150 Fortune 3000 CEOs across 13 industries, including healthcare, technology, energy, real estate, education and more, to get their true feelings on the astonishing decline in CMO tenures. The data explores and breaks down why the CMO tenure problem is self-inflicted, despite it also being a position of power.

Examples of key data points featured in the CMO Insights report include:

  •     More than 70% of CEOs believe their CMO would save their own ass before taking a bullet for them.
  •     56% of survey respondents believe the CMO is more committed to themselves and personal gains versus the CEO/board.
  •     Only 34% of CEOs have great confidence in their CMOs, and only 32% trust them overall.
  •     More than half of CEOs (58%) believe that key issues with their tenure are the lack of speaking the language of the business and using too much marketing jargon.

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