June 07, 2018


HispanicAd and the Culture Marketing Council celebrated the first ever Grand Prix in Account Planning in the US Hispanic Market after ten (10) years of our Account Planning Excellence Competition.

The recognition was bestowed to AARP and New York based d expósito & Partners team for excellence in the HispanicAd Culture Account Planning Excellence (C.A.P.E.) awards competition.

This is a first for our Industry and we look forward to more great account planning excellence and hope our Industry account planners get motivated to hone their craft in culturally focused account planning.  We have set the benchmark.

The Culture Marketing Council: The Voice of Hispanic Marketing (CMC) announced the HispanicAd.com Culture Account Planning Excellence (CAPE) award winners. The award-winning campaigns were recognized during a panel session honoring the CAPE winners on Wednesday, June 6 at the CMC’s Annual Conference. Judged by a panel of multicultural marketing experts, the prestigious awards recognized the strategic planning and insights that are the bedrock of any multicultural campaign. CMC has worked with HispanicAd.com to revitalize the CAPE awards from the Hispanic Account Planning Excellence awards.

“Culture-driven insights can make or break a marketing campaign—it’s up to the account planners to identify the right insight to help shaping the story for each brand to tell,” said CMC Chair Isaac Mizrahi. “We are excited to have recognized their work and inspire account planning professionals through these breakthrough campaigns.”

Agencies and their planning teams were invited to submit their campaigns in four categories: Best Cultural Insight, honoring campaigns featuring a cultural insight that led to campaign impact; Mainstream Impact Driven by Cultural Insight, for campaigns whose Latino-based insight led to mainstream marketing impact or results; Culture Impact on Innovation, honoring campaigns whose culture-based insight led to an innovation in product, service or brand offering; and finally Pro Bono, for unpaid campaigns whose culture-based insight led to an idea that drove results or impact for a cause.

Best Cultural Insight:

Gold: AARP/Cada Paso del Camino- Agency: d expósito & Partners
Silver: McDonald’s/HACER Scholarship- Agency: ALMA
Bronze: Denny’s/Casual Dining- Agency: Casanova/McCann
Honorable Mention: Advil/Celebrate Defying Pain- Agency: Wing

Mainstream Impact Driven by Cultural Insight:

Gold: McDonald’s/Employer Reputation- Agency: ALMA

Culture Impact on Innovation: 

Gold: Coronado Brewing Co./SouthNorte Brewing Co.- Agency: Gallegos United 


Gold: Southern Poverty Law Center/Vet Fight Hate- Agency: Wing

“We thank the CMC for the efforts brought to the table to re-initiate the awards program and offer future generations of account planners the ability to be inspired by and recognized for great work,” said HispanicAd.com CEO Gene Bryan.

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