October 30, 2019

Krysten Casabielle has been promoted to Managing Director at Miamim based Pinta agency. She previously held the position of Senior Account Director managing multiple teams and serving as the strategic lead for clients including Microsoft, Heineken, the National Football League (NFL), and Carnival Cruise Line.

Since Pinta’s founding in 2014, Krysten has helped grow the company alongside CEO Mike Valdes-Fauli. In making the announcement, Valdes-Fauli said: “Krysten has played a key role in Pinta’s success. Her work ethic and passion for the industry is exemplary and a great example for young professionals. At Pinta we recognize those who drive our agency forward, which is why it is my honor to promote her to this leadership role as Managing Director.”

Krysten joined sister agency, JeffreyGroup, in 2008, and has been a part of Pinta since the agency’s launch in 2014.

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