August 11, 2021

The Diversity Action Alliance (DAA), a coalition of public relations and communications leaders and industry organizations, released its inaugural “Race and Ethnicity in Public Relations and Communications Benchmark Report.” The report, which examines the racial and ethnic representation and promotion data of employees across 100+ U.S.-based public relations and communications organizations, documents that just over one-fifth (21%) of those employees are racially/ethnically diverse. Furthermore, of the total employee sample, 22% of employees were promoted in 2019. Of that 22%, less than a fifth of those promoted were racially/ethnically diverse.

“This Benchmark Report is part of the DAA’s commitment to track and measure where we are as an industry in order to develop strategic roadmaps and action plans to transform our industry to mirror the diversity of the U.S., which is currently at almost 40%,” said Carmella Glover, DAA President. “The DAA and our signatories believe we can correct what is clearly an industry problem by sharing innovative and successful practices and working together as an industry.”

To download report CLICK HERE.



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