June 27, 2017

A public opinion poll conceived and commissioned by LAVIDGE and Mosaic Multicultural found revealing consumer sentiments about advertising from personal care businesses, such as fitness clubs, salons, massage clinics, spas, beauty products and nutritionals. Among the key findings of the "2017 Southwest Personal Care Marketing Report" are that consumers prefer television and direct mail over other media, and are influenced to make decisions when they see and hear the words "trustworthy," "safe" and "honest" in advertising and marketing.

In addition, the statement, "Our staff is well-trained and knowledgeable" strongly resonated with consumers. The survey surprisingly revealed that consumers don't prefer advertising messages that say, "You will feel younger."

"Consumers are spending $86 billion annually on personal care products and services. With this number continuously on the rise, marketers need to be smart and effective with their messaging and advertising," said Stephen Heitz, managing director of interactive at LAVIDGE. "Our original, comprehensive report provides insight to the personal care industry and helps create effective messaging designed to expand discretionary spending."

Some highlights from the personal care consumer survey include:

    Most effective media for consumer personal care marketing is by television and direct mail
    Top three words that influence consumers to choose a fitness club, salon or spa are trustworthy, safe and honest
    The commonly held belief that consumers are looking to feel younger is being challenged; "You will feel younger" is consumers' least favorite marketing statement
    "Our staff is well trained and knowledgeable" is the most influential messaging statement

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