July 25, 2020

The State of Data is a recurring research initiative designed to help U.S. advertising, marketing, and media practitioners better understand how their peers are investing in and using audience data as a fundamental pillar of their customer acquisition and engagement efforts. The IAB State of Data 2020 is a recurring research initiative, conducted and published by Winterberry Group in partnership with the IAB Programmatic+Data Center of Excellence. Key insights include:

  •     2019 U.S. Third-Party Data Spending Up 6.1%: U.S. marketers and other users invested $11.9 billion in third-party audience data in 2019, up 6.1% from the previous year
  •     COVID-19 Crisis Likely to Drive Q2/Q3 Data Cuts Up to 20%: The economic impact of the ongoing coronavirus crisis has provoked a significant pivot in tactics and marketing expenditures, including those related to data
  •     First-Party Data Takes Center Stage: Spending on third-party data management, processing, and integration grew 9.8% in 2019 to $5.5 billion
  •     Privacy a Key Concern, Although Anxiety Has Abated: Data users have grown less concerned about the impact of new and pending privacy regulation in the months since the CCPA was enacted

The IAB State of Data 2020 also:

  •     Estimates historical U.S. advertiser/marketer spending on third-party audience data
  •     Estimates historical U.S. advertiser/marketer spending on the services, technologies and hybrid activation solutions that support the use of data across consumer and B2B marketing
  •     Outlines the major demand drivers, operational challenges and other trends impacting investment in data and related activation solutions; and
  •     Provides a reliable benchmark for U.S. investments.

To download report CLICK HERE.


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