November 28, 2017

NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises and consumer intelligence firm Maru/Matchbox have announced an innovative partnership and a first for the Hispanic market: a combined insight community, spanning the full spectrum of U.S. Hispanics across variables such as country of origin, language in the household and acculturation level.

The combination of MiTelemundo™, Telemundo’s online insight community comprised of mostly Spanish-dominant Hispanics, with Maru/Matchbox's own Springboard America panel of English-dominant Hispanics creates the most robust Hispanic insight community in the U.S., with more than 20,000+ members. For the first time ever, the advertising, marketing and research community will have access to this pivotal and diverse consumer population all in one place.

"Our business is built on creating content tailored for the U.S. Hispanic audience and to do that successfully, we need to have the most profound insights," said Lia Silkworth, Senior Vice President, Insights and Consumer Development, Telemundo. "MiTelemundo™ is part of our mission to uncover these insights around our audiences and continue our incredible momentum. As part of Telemundo's relentless commitment to understand and super serve its consumers, we began to address a white space in online market research for ourselves and quickly realized we could scale it and make it available to our partners."

Over the past year, MiTelemundo's findings have informed Telemundo’s strategies across all of its screens and in the community. In addition to its size and quality, respondents' overwhelming mobile engagement stands out from other insight communities and has emphasized the importance of a consumer segment the network calls Generation M™: Millennial, Multicultural, Mobile. Beyond the network, a select group of Telemundo advertisers have already tapped into the community seeking to better understand Hispanics’ relationships to their brands and services.


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