Just like the movie ‘A Day without a Mexican’ that famously presented the impact the Mexicans have on the economy of California, now imagine based on the wishes of some executives in our industry that would like to see Spanish-Language media die a miserable death.

   Have been following a blog dedicated to Cross Culturalism by Ken Muench who is now at DraftFCB in Chicago via Grupo Gallegos and Casanova Pendrill.

"There's a huge audience out there that wants to see people on television that look and live their lives like they do.  We're happy to accommodate them."  That's how Steve Koonin, president of Turner Networks

     This last week I was asked by a prospective client to give him my definition of what I thought it meant to be Hispanic.

"A paragraph or two at the most" he stated.

     “Ask a Mexican” Gustavo Arellano is a writer with OC Weekly, an alternative newspaper in Orange County, California, and a contributing editor to the Los Angeles Times.

   As I write this blog entry with just a few days to go until the NGLC Conference, I'm remembering the last piece I wrote about five years ago entitled "Time to Bake a Bigger Pie."  It touched upon the importance of our industry embracing

Edoardo Chavarin — NaCo — Continuing our conversation about trends in music and fashion among the urban culture,  we sat down with cultural guru, Edoardo Chavarin, Chief Creative officer of NaCo, to dig in a li

    The current edition of LatinCast, we’ll be exploring the hot, trend setting consumer segment marketer call “urban youth”.

     By Chiqui Cartagena

Faces of America, a new look at race and immigration in America!

   There is something very interesting that happens when you visit Barcelona (or Catalunya for that matter).  Most residents are bilingual and live in that bilingual world with ease…not very different from Latinos in the US.  Now, I am very cle

    As part of the semi-idyllic period that is the sabbatical between Christmas and New Year’s I read a clever book by Mexican writer Jorge Volpi entitled “El Insomnio de BolÃvar,” which loosely translates to “BolÃvar’s Insomnia.” In this tome

     Tony Hernandez is President of the Latino Broadcasting Company, a minority owned, nationally syndicated radio network.

   What do President Bush and President Obama have in common?

They understand and get it when it comes to us.

At the inaugural Tecate Premios Deportes a couple of years ago, Denver Nuggets star Carmelo Anthony stood at the podium and proudly proclaimed in Spanish that his father was Boricua.  Clearly no one from the

   For many of you that do not remember the early years of our industry, we lived them and can tell you that there were intuitive strategic initiatives that help establish credibility and trust in our pioneers and allow