February 26, 2010

On the TV screen that is.  And it only cost him $80.  And he doesn't work for an ad agency.

It's been three weeks since Super Bowl XLIV but Boricua writer/director Joelle de Jesus of Hollywood, CA is still on cloud nine.

Joelle decided to enter this year's edition of Doritos' "Crash The Super Bowl" contest, and crash he did.  His top-ranking TV spot "House Rules" was one of the four TV spots Doritos selected to air on Super Bowl Sunday (below).

Joelle did not go onto win the top prize in the USAToday/Doritos AdMeter contest but he did take home $25,000 for being a finalist.  And he was YouTube's Ad Blitz #1 pick, with over 4 million views.  Those are a lot of eyeballs.

It's very cool to see a Latino get that kind of exposure for great creativity (and my favorite spot if I may add).

But as someone who's always championing bridge-building among our communities (see video below), I was extra happy to see Joelle win.  Felicidades Joelle!


Manny, Yes, it's wonderful that Joelle de Jesus took home $25k for becoming a finalist in the Doritos "Crash the Super Bowl" contest. What does this say about the state of the U.S. advertising industry - that the best and most-discussed creative has to come from the creative minds of everyday people, instead of the vapid, gutter-thought Madison Avenue wankers who are getting paid boatloads of cash to produce spots that are anything but "creative." We've long talked about how the best advertising these days is on Spanish-language media. From laundry commercials to spots touting insurance companies, there indeed seems to be more creativity in Hispanic shops than at the big non-Latino agencies. Why? Are Latinos simply more creative at producing creative? Silvia Alvarez at Zubi Advertising laments of widespread mediocrity - mediocrity accepted by clients, agencies and media buyers. Yet I see far more mediocrity and downright terrible work coming from some of the biggest agencies in the U.S. As much as Crispin Porter + Bogusky is heralded for its innovative work, I've seen plenty of "edgy" work that is just plain irritating and juvenile. The fact that Joelle's creative aired during the Super Bowl - the No. 1 event for advertisers in the U.S. - is a result of the simple fact that there is a creativity crisis on Madison Avenue. Yet turning to the audience could be a novelty, a short-term solution to a deeper problem. And it's a problem Hispanic shops can help solve. More and more we see "Hispanic" shops taking on non-Latino work. Just talk to Gisela Girard and Carlos San Jose about this phenomenon. And Alex Lopez Negrete and John Gallegos. And countless others who understand that the future of U.S. advertising must involve a dialogue and meaningful discussion with Hispanic shops on shared ideas, shared creative and true innovation. Once upon a time, jingles like "Yum, yum, Bubble Bee, Bubble Bee tuna" were common. Now they are nostalgic, far too rare and yet still effective. The creative mind of a contest winner will not lead us down the road for growth. Consider it a nature walk to a nice mountain lake, with the peak far ahead. Getting to that peak means "pensando con creatividad" in the heart of Manhattan.

Very interesting information Manny. I had the privilege to watch Super Bowl XLIV this year and also had the pleasure to watch the Dorito's commercials. This was definitely one of my favorites, next to the "Snack Attack" Dorito ad. The most interesting piece of information would definitely have to be the fact that the director/ writer was a fellow Boricua. I've always believed that Latinos have great creativity and this commercial is no exception. Also the fact that this commercial basically cost him nothing compared to other commercials, you can see that the creativity and the message is clearer than other commercials that cost millions to produce. Although not the first place winner, just being amongst the top four is an honor in its own right. Kudos to Joelle de Jesus on his excellent work. I believe wholeheartedly what Joelle de Jesus stated in his video comment on You tube. Not only does this video have a full African American cast, but it is also the only one that does. Not only is this commercial funny and witty, it also shows us family values through the eyes of a child. Joelle's plight for the Latino and African American community to work together shows its efforts through this commercial. As minorities it is up to them to stand up to corporate America and demonstrate just how creative their minorities are. Although Joelle doesn't work for an advertising agency I would love to see more of his work and hope that this commercial is the begging of good things to come. We need more Latino representation and creativity in advertising and I definitely believe Joelle can bring it.

I am proud to see another Boricua innovating the ad industry, even if he isn't part of it. But the truth is that here in Puerto Rico innovation like this one are rare and almost extinct. Right now Im cursing my last semester in college and like most of my colleagues i want to get rid of the old and in with the new. The sad part is that agencies in PR are being reluctant to change. They already have a formula that works, even if its t he same thing over and over, and from what i see they don't have plans in changing it since the clients and everyone in the industry is comfortable with doing only what is necessary. Puerto Rico, being part of the USA and supposedly being a first world country, still is one of Latin America's countries with less use of alternative media. Digital advertising and social media engagement, by brands, are the last thing considered in a campaign. Compared to places like Costa Rica and Brazil that have won awards putting in the map their capabilities. While in Puerto Rico even with the lowest ratings in history, TV still is the ideal dream for any marketer. In my opinion, Boricuas have great talent and creativity but our capabilities would never meet the next plateau until clients and agencies alike start to have the "Huevos" to develop new and innovative campaigns in different mediums. " OUT WITH THE DINOSAURS AND IN WITH THE NEW GENERATION" at least that is how i think advertising should be, a place were creativity meets ingenuity.

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