August 07, 2012

Sofia Vergara is probably the most recognizable Hispanic actress working in English-language television. She is one of the stars of “Modern Family,” among the highest-rated scripted shows on network television, and she has parlayed her celebrity into commercials for brands like Pepsi and Cover Girl. CBS hoped to have a cross-cultural hit with “Rob,” starring Rob Schneider, right, but the show’s reliance on stereotypes was criticized by its intended audience. to read more CLICK HERE. Courtesy of NY Times


Perhaps, this concern over appealing to HIspanics is reflective of an overt effort to capture a culture which is more subtle in nature, then what a "trophy latina" wife could represent to the vast majority of Hispanics in this country. There is no humor in landscaping or baby sitting, but there is in ridiculing our accents, our social status. We have become a metaphor for the drug kingpins, illegals, the ill-prepared, the burdens of society, the" rabbits" that procreate at an alarming rate, the denisons of the free clinics, where is the humor in that? Perhaps, if the networks were to see some redeeming qualities, our patriotism, our work ethic, our moral strength, as oppose to stereotyping other races; Italians from the Jersey shore, Middle Easterners from California, African Americans from Atlanta or African American Superstars with their White trophy wives there might be some commercial value in our consumers. Leave it to the networks to find an easy way out via imported programming that does not reflect our life styles in this country. Basically, they fall into the same rut every other corporate executive does; if you are a Hispanic or you have a Hispanic surname you must be talk to in Spanish! Ironically, this blog isn't in Spanish! Damn, they lump us together just like a cattle herd, we are better educated, more affluent and speak English just as well as an Anglo. We don't need Spanish to communicate and yes, Most of us wouldn't kick Sofia Vergara out of bed, but most of us would be embarrassed by her accent! With all due respect, George Ortiz, Pearland, Texas,USA

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