March 02, 2001

Enlace Communications has won the Ask Jeeves en Español advertising campaign to launch for the U.S. Hispanic market, announced Rochelle Newman-Carrasco, President and Principal, Enlace
Communications. The television advertising campaign debuted on Univision the week of March 26, 2001 following the Web site's official launch.

The campaign entitled, "Pregunta" (Question) features three original 30-second television spots created by Enlace. The first spot in the series, "Moon," shows a young couple staring up at the moon. As the woman dreamily looks on, she wonders about where they would go on their honeymoon. A computer drops out of the sky onto her lap. Her boyfriend suggests that they go to Ask Jeeves' signature character Jeeves pops up and tells them that they only need to enter their question and hit "click" for a response to a world of questions.

"As more and more Hispanics take to the Internet, is well positioned to be a primary information resource center for this target market," said Isabel Kilroe, Chief Operating Officer and Principal, Enlace Communications. "For the launch of, we¹re positioning Jeeves as a warm, friendly character who has the ability to actually answer
consumer questions, making the Internet search process practical and user-friendly. The user need only to ask the question and Œclick' on the Pregunta icon to have answers and relevant resources appear on the screen."

The second spot in the "Pregunta" campaign, "Chef," shows a flustered dad trying to cook a surprise meal for mom while his son looks on. He doesn't know how long to cook the chicken, has sticky rice and has burned himself while fumbling with a pot of boiling water. His son suggests that he ask Jeeves what to do about these crises. A computer lands in the kitchen and Jeeves pops up to find answers to the dad¹s dilemma on Later mom arrives to a wonderfully prepared meal and a proud dad.

In the third spot, a mom is peppered with questions from her inquisitive four-year-old. When the boy asks her where he came from, the exasperated mom suggests they ask Jeeves. Jeeves pops up from the computer that's dropped in and invites them to ask all kinds of questions on science, shopping, jobs or whatever they'd like to know on

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