June 23, 2001

Muse Creative Holdings (MCH) Chairman J. Melvin (Jo) Muse has authored an in-depth guide to understanding and operating effectively in the world of multicultural marketing. Entertaining and informative, The Shaman Chronicles, Book I: The 7 Senses of Multicultural Marketing is necessary reading for the seasoned professional and novice alike.

The Shaman Chronicles will help readers:

* Explore their own quest for excellence in their work
* Discover an approach to bring new ideas to their everyday lives
* Learn how common sense can take them in new professional directions
* Gain insights into multicultural marketing practices of Global Brands
* Learn seven brilliantly simple marketing tenets for producing
* Outstanding results in the consumer marketplace

The Seven Senses of Multicultural Marketing

1. Hear the Footsteps
The competition is looking for an advantage

2. See the Battleground
The fight starts in the marketplace

3. Taste the Culture
Increase your multicultural intelligence

4. Touch the Customer
Participate in your customer's life

5. Smell out the real issues
Learn the aroma of special interests

6. Be Telephatic
Make sure your boss gets it.

7. Create the future
Tracking a new multicultural America

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