January 16, 2011

Lobo Video Productions, LLC, a video & film production company, has just released two New Children’s Books for Latino Kids that enters into a Literary First by being published in both English and Spanish simultaneously. The books are the first in a series of three books that will be released by the father & son team over the next year. The books will then be produced into three Full Feature Films starring well-known Latino actors and will be released worldwide.

What happens when a mild mannered ice cream street vendor purchases an antique wooden box filled with a solid gold medallion that magically transforms him into a Superhero with Aztec Warrior powers?

"The Adventures of Paleta Man" is the story of an ice cream man who becomes a superhero. Esteban Ruiz makes a living by selling ice cream as a street vendor. A good and hardworking man, Esteban enjoys his job, especially when it brings him closer to Margarita Morales, the woman he loves. But being a modest man makes Esteban an easy target. He has been bullied, and becomes frustrated by his inability to defend himself. His fate suddenly changes when he purchases an antique wooden box. The box contains a magical medallion that gives Esteban special abilities. With his newly acquired strength, he decides to help those in need and punish criminals. He calls himself Paleta Man. When a new villain captures Margarita, Esteban will need all of his super powers.

Co-Author Paul Ramirez has over thirty years of experience in creative development fields. He has written, directed, edited and produced a plethora of music albums, independent films, television programs, and plays in a band. Ramirez has co-written over ten film scripts in all genres. He currently has approximately fifty compositions published with BMI.

Co-Author Matthew Ramirez, Paul’s son, is a college graduate from The University of Texas in San Antonio with a degree in Communications. He has written, directed, edited and acted in numerous independent films. He is a musician and has played with numerous bands in Texas and California. He currently plays is in an indie band based in Los Angeles, California.

"The Adventures of Paleta Man" aims to influence children's development of good moral values & will appeal greatly to young readers who enjoy stories about superheroes.


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